Saturday, April 5, 2014

I can't remember the last thing that you said as you were leaving

"As you no doubt have heard..." I hadn't heard. What's worse, I slept through the service due to intermittent sleep last night, so now I'm just feeling sudden loss and wondering what happened. We'd lost touch the last year or so--not because of him, but because I've pulled back to the point of almost featureless-egg status, and I'm still poking at the shell to re-emerge.

Travel sweetly, lost soul; you were a good friend and a good man. You will indeed be missed.

The rest of this entry seems rather silly in comparison, but...I don't have the heart to revise it, so I'm just going to let it stand.


I think it can be considered justified that, even several days before Aprille 1st, I sincerely and honestly thought this was a joke.

It's not. And, with seven days to go, it's cleared its original funding goal by a depressingly huge margin, and there's little sign it's going to stop.

So, what's making this so huge for deck-building gamers? Because keep in mind, this is not a new game; this is just a game company seeking funds for translation from Japanese into English, and funds for reprinting. The game already exists, and more to the point, didn't succeed as a concept even in Japan, where Nazi cosplay is mysteriously popular. I, myself, have no idea; I only know it's going to be a thing, so...yay for even less faith in our species.

In the meantime, how far would you go to reduce waste on the planet? The makers of both the Ooho and the Wikipearl are hoping pretty far. And, in the case of the Ooho, at least, currently under development, it will actually cost less to produce an Ooho container for "bottled" water products than it does to create an equivalently-sized plastic container--and in the case of the Ooho, you'll be able to eat the container afterwards, or just throw it away--where, instead of remaining for plastic's decades, it will simply biodegrade in a number of days.

So how soon until we see Ooho water on the shelves? Unknown. But in the case of the Wikipearl, expect to see them on Whole Foods markets' shelves later this month.

In toy news, this is not a thing. But it desperately needs to be a thing, and ThinkGeek has already gotten several pleading requests to have it made. With any luck, we'll see it join the rarefied ranks of the once-pranked, now-real items for sale. We can only hope.

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