Tuesday, April 22, 2014

somebody's knocking, it's the devil at my door

[Zone] Niko Stalkingwolf@niko9er: i hate you again

Here we go again...

[Zone] Urkan Skullbreaker@d7forever: not evolved
[Zone] Urkan Skullbreaker@d7forever: designed
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: *sigh*

Oh, so that's what we're talking about.

[Zone] Lilyth Snow@death69inc: ...... designed by?
[Zone] Remington@darkballad: They also can't find an airplane that crashed in SE Asia

Someone might have tracked that one down, actually.

[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: #nevergofullretard Urkan
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: %!@) me you are stupid
[Zone] Madness@mentaldepth6: aliens

...aliens? ALIENS??? Seriously?? Uh...

[Zone] Yagi@kkotikk: yeah they need satellites to read their newspapers cos they are so bloody illiterate just look at the pics
[Zone] KnightRivas@Riivasz: ANYONE FOR PK?
[Zone] Random Chance@Random_Chance: the universe makes a LOT more sense when you get rid of the idea that there are gods/demons

Actually, it makes about as much sense as anything else. With or without gods, demons, and spirits, it's still a pretty screwed-up reality we live in.

[Zone] Urkan Skullbreaker@d7forever: the same way the australian indigenous peoples are designed to be able to go a long way on a little water

*sighs* Urkan, Aborigines are not camels. Grow the hell up.

[Zone] NUALA@zephyrpillar1: we also live in a time where we know more about space than the oceans at our back door

True. And we're losing vast reaches of the ocean's ecology due to various factors. We should really get on that while we still can.

[Zone] Niko Stalkingwolf@niko9er: who says there is not a secret lair in Oprah's *%$% that all fantasy creatures are hiding out in

Um...any rational person??

[Zone] Naya Ilivarra@lillibp: omg Juggernaught, stop trying, you cant get through to him ( Urkan Skullbreaker)
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: lol Urkan you are so full of !%*^
[Zone] BitterBlur@bitterblur: anything is possible anywhere always.
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: That's not even the same thing

It's really not, but hey, attention spans, fruit flies, I've said it before...

[Zone] Urkan Skullbreaker@d7forever: evolution relys on the theory that one birth in 500 or so will be diverse
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: you ^*#(^^# *^(^(!
[Zone] Justice@stellarstrider: Except it be just the way we were seeded to begin with. Being this one interation #10219201 of simulation #42..

I do not understand the point you're trying to make here, Justice.

[Zone] Lilyth Snow@death69inc: DD !
[Zone] Bomb Rush@indigophrophetz: some simple consider gods and demons to be a label to define an entity within a structure
[Zone] Urkan Skullbreaker@d7forever: and that some of the faults will be beneficial
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: There is a difference between having an ability based on will and being BORN with different genetics.
[Zone] Urkan Skullbreaker@d7forever: and its frankly daft

Why daft? It happens all the time.

[Zone] Random Chance@Random_Chance: I for one welcome our new robot overlords

Where did robots come into this?

[Zone] NUALA@zephyrpillar1: you should go on a ketamine trip, that !*^! will open your eyes

Where did drugs come into this?

[Zone] Yagi@kkotikk: No. Anything is possible in some places. Something is possible in all places. But nothing is possible in all places

If you say so.

Later that same day...


You can't be serious.

[Zone] Rranoruh Fulldraw@floingis: No u didn't.
[Zone] Dirg Shadowblade@smackadoom: lol cause thats what usually kills them right ?:D
[Zone] Rranoruh Fulldraw@floingis: Only pros can write pro tips.
[Zone] Rhyewulff@northernlights31: Pro Tip # 731 Swatting mosquito that lands on ^)(@#$)$ = epic fail

There's definitely epic fail, here.

[Zone] Luthien@arc-en-gel: CWs and DCs can make shift just before landing, preventing all dmg as well


I doubt.

[Zone] Rranoruh Fulldraw@floingis: .... Why would there be a misquito on your ^)(@#$)$?
[Zone] Magic Man@BadName20357: Are you a man in the eye of Odin? VALHALLA is recruiting!!! We're an active guild with mature members(18+), Recruiting LvL +45 for PvE/PvP + End-Game Content. We use Teamspeak3. PM for info/invite.

So, no girls then?

[Zone] Rranoruh Fulldraw@floingis: That sounds like some kinky @$&%.
[Zone] Dirg Shadowblade@smackadoom: where are you falling from that you have to worry about the damage?

Y'know, this is a good point, too. If you're anticipating taking enough fall damage to kill, then do you really need to be jumping off that cliff in the first place?

[Zone] Obould@eternalsun8: ANY TAURINE HERE?
[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr: Obould, this is not WoW.
[Zone] Obould@eternalsun8: THE BALL'S JUICE.
[Zone] Obould@eternalsun8: HUH?!
[Zone] Rranoruh Fulldraw@floingis: Wow was the first MMO.

Oh, not that tired old chestnut again.

[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr: Agh, enough
[Zone] Magna Arcana@jaguarmagnus: Cows where the first MOO. Moo
[Zone] Obould@eternalsun8: MOOMOO?
[Zone] Magna Arcana@jaguarmagnus: Moo!!

Great. Now they're all farm animals.

[Zone] Treyd Lightfoot@bailey2409: EQ was played long before wow
[Zone] Eluna@eviled777: lmao
[Zone] Obould@eternalsun8: ANGELIC-DEMONIC.
[Zone] Rranoruh Fulldraw@floingis: What is?
[Zone] Obould@eternalsun8: WoW?

Who knows? Seriously, who the hell knows?

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