Tuesday, April 15, 2014

we can try to laugh it off, I guess

So we start off with a question from a Russian gamer looking for other Russian gamers, which led to gross sexual references, and thence to political derangement:

[Zone] Andipal Barich@andipal: any russian guild for communiscitc crazy gamers?
[Zone] SagittariuS@butimonly: CCCP
[Zone] SagittariuS@butimonly: HODOR!
[Zone] End Rider@splenderfreak: :O
[Zone] berserk@pando83: who wants to szuck my hairy ballz?
[Zone] Ecko@meaty00: Me!

WHY?!? Seriously, WHYYYYY???

[Zone] Ecko@meaty00: Only if you are black though.
[Zone] berserk@pando83: but they are very hairy
[Zone] berserk@pando83: it's like sucking the fur of a huge dog
[Zone] Holly Golightly@yarknarf: drop em in the mail. ill check them out later
[Zone] Lysillia Harp@korolla: I would, but then I'd have to kick myself out :(
[Zone] Gisella Healforged@sweet5starlight: Is Zone quiet, or have I just ignored too many people? XD

Obviously I haven't ignored enough.

[Zone] D4fix@d4fix: When will they finally fix the freaking clock tower?
[Zone] Holly Golightly@yarknarf: give em a break. many little parts in CT. plus u need that tiny screwdriver

That's fair, I suppose.

There is sort of a running joke with the names: the Cloak Tower is an early-level dungeon that, while mostly functional, has some staggering bugs that have never been fixed since game launch, while the Clockwork Guild Tomb is found in the mid-level zone, Neverdeath Graveyard, is not broken, and is a freakishly brilliant bit of game design.

[Zone] SagittariuS@butimonly: one serous question! How you proof you age?

Not like that.

[Zone] Gisella Healforged@sweet5starlight: by the way you communicate, of course!
[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr: To the game, or...?
[Zone] SagittariuS@butimonly: serious..your..


I wanted to go there; I managed to restrain myself...barely.

[Zone] Holly Golightly@yarknarf: age and proof on the side of bottle
[Zone] Gisella Healforged@sweet5starlight: good one, Holly!
[Zone] Mikal Urthsson@marinehk4861: Post a valid credit card number and security code
[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr: Bad Mikal, no biscuit!
[Zone] Mikal Urthsson@marinehk4861: :p
[Zone] River@rachitt: indeed you forgot to ask for the passport as well
[Zone] Pam Willows@pauledwin: funny that there are so many more trolls in the evening
[Zone] SagittariuS@butimonly: one troll provoce other trolls

I think you meant "provoke", but you're likely not wrong. And then the Russia-bashing started:

[Zone] Garret Shadowsoul@kingsgrace: Go to the russian server
[Zone] Phelaia Angelbane@thegeldprince: well there's really only one server, so
[Zone] Lucifer@vescera1986: Rus server sucks

So what you're after is a Russian-speaking guild. That...apparently screams at everyone all the time?

[Zone] Imanar Soul@avirone: nobody if you use caps liek tht
[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: get back in your own hell

Oh, I don't know, Imanar, if someone accepted you into a guild "liek tht", Lucifer'll probably be fine.

But what does 'get back in your own hell' mean, exactly?

[Zone] Järnsaxa@perfectworld475: I doubt many are feeling friendly toward russia atm :)
[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: why ?
[Zone] Baridl@taranell: I will take you, I will take you under a candlelit evening
[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: because of krim ?


Crimea, you mean? Or the Ukraine in general?

[Zone] Järnsaxa@perfectworld475: yes because of ukraine
[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: u guys have no clue about krim and u hate russia/putin because of that, u should research a bit, russian just tokk THEIR part back !!!!
[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: u should learn more about then just watch news and think u can relate to do
[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: ys..becose russians are so #($%( act like germany when take [poland
[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: if so , pls (##! .. u guys have no clue

I find it amusing that those four lines are so difficult for me to parse that I have to read them twice through, every time I come across this section of chat...yet "Exces" and "icoco777" are the ones telling the rest of us to pause and think and do research. When they likely can't even spell the word research the same way twice...

[Zone] Holy Cleavage@ocano: no they didn't, Exces. Get your facts straight.
[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: ye seems like
[Zone] Järnsaxa@perfectworld475: it's not whether crimea should be russian or not it's the way russia ia acting
[Zone] Baridl@taranell: Yeah guys, we dont like *(%$& here :( They were mean! Germany rules!!!
[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: USA is beter ?
[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: USA acting better then russia ?
[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: even worse !
[Zone] Garret Shadowsoul@kingsgrace: Because a country the size of Russia REALLY needs to take more land 'back'...

I'd tend to agree, but the problem is, as always, vastly more complicated than that.

[Zone] Spinal Cut@mentinmindmaker: Russia did infringe on another countrys sovereignity.. which is completely unacceptable
[Zone] Baridl@taranell: USA! USA! USA!


[Zone] Virgil Ravenna@v01ces: Yeah, right, Crimia is a much Russian as it is Turkish or Greek or Ukrainian
[Zone] Phelaia Angelbane@thegeldprince: who cares about ukraine, its the damn russian cheaters thats the problem...

What they're referring to here are the employees of Russian fly-by-night companies who skate in, invent random names, and start spamming for gold. The problem with this line of reasoning is that, overall, Russian gold spammers consist of about 2% of the spammer problem in Neverwinter (and even that, I think, is an excessively high ratio). The other 98% comes predominantly from China and North Korea, and always will.

[Zone] Järnsaxa@perfectworld475: what has usa got to do with anything?

These days, I find myself asking that question a lot.

End of part two, more when I get to it.

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