Monday, April 14, 2014

they hide out in places I look but can't see

This one gets odd, and it was a long enough capture that I split it into sections, so this is only part one of...I don't know, really. Until I run out of edited capture text, I suppose.

There's a lot of general political misunderstanding, but also, a lot of hate towards both Russia (and Putin) and the US (and Obama). But first, a bit on Neverwinter's soon-to-launch Module 3:

[Zone] Rebekkah Davenshire@alvadimarco: Mod 3 has a new Epic Skirmish
[Zone] Zenith@stellarstrider: they are banking a lot in that world pvp or something
[Zone] FraserAllDay@knotorious18: I heard mod 3 is adding a new more open world zone yes? bosses spawn in zone?
[Zone] Rebekkah Davenshire@alvadimarco: Heroic Encounters spawn in the zone
[Zone] Zenith@stellarstrider: yeah, but the zone itself from what I saw was small D:
[Zone] Zenith@stellarstrider: Expected something larger
[Zone] Rebekkah Davenshire@alvadimarco: And packed with Lv61 stuff
[Zone] Psychosis@love2loveyoubabe: zone is the realization of how @*($*) the world is


The basic theory seems to be that with Module 3 and the entry of Icewind Dale into the game world, it will be a freeform PvP/PvE zone. There will be specific quests targeted to battling mobs in the zone, as well as specific quests targeted towards battling other players. As far as I've been able to ascertain, none of these will be mandatory, but it's worrisome nonetheless.

I don't like PvP; I will never embrace it as a solid core of my gameplay style. I'd rather fight a clearly defined other than another player, any day of the week. But, even having said that, Neverwinter does not do PvP well, so to make this advancement either means utilization of the existing, very broken system of PvP (which is essentially team-based tower capture, not individual player-vs.-player combat), or adoption of an entirely new system (which will either then roll out to the world entire, or stay stuck in Icewind Dale alone).

Neither option sounds that attractive, frankly.

[Zone] Enna Dalke@Moneydie: none of the zones in this game are all that big
[Zone] Gnarlgoloth@drewlow: there's one that's kind of big, can't remember which one it was
[Zone] FraserAllDay@knotorious18: they def shoulad wetn more open world style, thats one of the bigger flaws in my mind

That would be "definitely should have gone for a more open world style"...I'm only hoping English is not Fraser's first language.

[Zone] Gnarlgoloth@drewlow: Pirate's Skyhold is kind of big
[Zone] Rebekkah Davenshire@alvadimarco: Pirate's Skyhold is kind of annoyingly large

And kind of annoying in general.

[Zone] Enna Dalke@Moneydie: final zone has size but it's split into chunks
[Zone] Psychosis@love2loveyoubabe: they are suppose to have a link for more open world, suppose to be the next upgrade
[Zone] Rebekkah Davenshire@alvadimarco: You like it split into chunks, don't you Enna?

Ew? Also huh? Also ew.

The bit about the final zone being split into chunks--it's not, actually, but it is set into several sections, all accessible from the edges of the map. Only the dungeons and one specific sections are their own separate instances; everything else is interactive with the rest of the world and everything in it. But they are labeled separately (the Rib Cage, the Excavation, Underwing) so I can see where the confusion comes in.

I think splitting this off here; we'll pick up later with an innocuous question leading to much uninformed rambling on Russia.

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