Wednesday, April 17, 2013

after them she shot, down down down

[20:08] pxxxx Cxxxxx shouts: WHY DO YOU GUYS HAVE DUCKS ON YOUR HEAD

Some days, people worry me more than others.

In and amongst preparations for Sunday's Aether Salon, more reflections on shopping naked.

Because it's still confusing.

Take this lovely fur, f'rinstance:

(from the shopping album; apparently furs shop naked, too.)

I won't lie; she was dead cute. The bow, the spots, the poses in her AO...she was just adorably winsome, start to finish. But she wore a bandeau top and gloves, the bow, and...nothing else.

And see, here's my thing with furs: yes, I know animals don't wear clothes. Even some anthropomorphic animals don't wear clothes. But there's a vast difference between "not wearing clothes because I'm covered in fur", and "not wearing clothes even though my fur is so short you can see genitalia". Am I the only one who perceives the definite difference between those two states?

I don't even feel I can link directly on this blog the set of shots I took and animated, just to show you the pose variation, because barring this one (rather perfectly) figleafed image, ALL of the rest I'd have to edit!

Or how about...her:

(from the shopping album. Some things you cannot unsee.)

I...don't even know where to begin. Her proportions are off, and I'm not just talking about her implants. Her color coordination sense is...deeply impaired.

(from the shopping album. Please don't do that again.)

And keep in mind, I'm not even talking about the implants here. Some women want tits the size of planetoids; okay, whatever. That's your thing, that's your thing, it's not about to change.

I'm more talking the distortion of the system avatar.

Like...the fact that she doesn't have curves, here, she has ANGLES.

Just to enhance the point:

(from the shopping album. Yeah.)

This is a crop of the above image, so you can see exactly what I mean. Even if you want a large rear--or large anything--you want to do your best to ensure that it fits the concept. Because human beings are not angular, we're rounded. This? This is not rounded. This is pushing the system mesh until there's literally nowhere else to go. This is forcing an avatar to be as large as it can be with zero care how that looks to anyone else.

(from the shopping album. Yeah.)

It's like she doesn't even notice--or worse, doesn't even care--how much she's distorted the underlying shape.

(from the shopping album. It's just not getting better.)

Maybe she finally realized how little her boots go with the rest of her? Your guess is as good as mine, unfortunately.

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