Friday, April 5, 2013

getting a feeling; maybe I will dream again

"Chrome just recently decided to change its menu behavior to accommodate fat fingers."

I'm not pointing this out because of the 'fat fingers' line; what they've done is actually applied a bit of redesign to make using a Chrome browser on touchscreens (like the iPad, mainly, but also other iDevices) vastly easier, with significant separation between the actions under the Chrome options menu.

Which is all well and good, but what about those of us who don't have touchscreens? Hence, the article mentioned at the top. It's a pretty clear, step by step tutorial on how to get rid of the new 'wider', more separated, options menu. (Though keep in mind: if you're actually USING a touchscreen, DO NOT DO THIS!)

This is going to revolutionize movie-making, no lie. There's a video on that site by Vincent LaForet, who's currently testing the MōVI to see just what it's capable of. In a few years, I think we'll all be able to see. This could be the end of shaky-cam footage forever.

In July of 1956, the Barstow family won an all-expenses-paid trip to Disneyland, and recorded their entire trip. In 1995, they put all the film stock together and gave it a narration. Normally, home movies are not the purview of the Library of Congress, but because this short film was so impressively detailed, both in terms of narration and visuals, it was named part of the National Film Registry by the Librarian of Congress. Prestige, indeed.

On another topic entirely, the Deformutilation blog has a short, but beautiful, entry on various reliquaries said to house the bones of saints. (Again, as with all links from the Deformutilation blog, while you will have to click to agree to viewing adult content to get to this entry, this entry contains nothing that is overtly sexual, or overtly violent. Just bones, and the richly ornate cases they are kept in, in churches around the world.)

The Firestorm viewer has found itself in something of a quandary--within the next two weeks, they say (and I'm fairly sure they're pretty on target for it), server-side baking will become a reality on SL. At that point, all viewers that are not up to date with the code changes (hint: that would be Phoenix, for those stubborn Phoenix users), will stop seeing avatars correctly (which is assuming they can see them at all).

So it's your choice--do you want to see other avs on the grid enough to update? Because one way or another, you'll have to, to stay with the changes (or walk away entirely).

Finally, do you like tentacles? Do you live aboard some alien, biomechanical integration of unholy flesh and distressed metal? Make your bleak existence a little brighter. You can thank me later.

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