Friday, April 19, 2013

her reflection struck back

Found at MAJD:

(from the shopping album; flat mesh kitteh avatar!)

The flat kitten avatar, in simple black and white.

(from the shopping album; flat mesh kitteh avatar!)

Here's it from the back...

(from the shopping album; flat mesh kitteh avatar!)

And yeah, it really is completely flat.

You'll need to find it in the store (but that's not hard) and pay nine Lindens to get it (that's not hard, either). Only drawback? The little cardboard cutout cat made it look like I'd actually be a flat, corrugated cardboard thing. Instead, I'm a flat black and white thing.

Still totally worth the Lindens. You'll need to be able to see mesh to see it, but when it walks, it's got a built-in "hopping" AO, and it's just fun to move around in.

Speaking of mesh, got a tip from a friend today to make mesh rez in faster . This was seen in one of her group chats, so I'm just reprinting it word for word:

Q. Part of the mesh product is invisible!

A. This is generally due to a cache issue. If right-clicking the area where the mesh should be doesn't force it into view, just clear your cache and relog (cache clearing is under your Preferences). This will fix almost any mesh (or graphics in general) visibility issue.

Q. I sometimes don't see mesh clearly from far away, or areas with lots of mesh won't fully load for me.

A. Try increasing your "Objects & Sculpts LOD" (under Preferences), and raise the number of mesh objects you can view at once by following these steps:

1. Open Advanced menu by going to Preferences > Advanced > check the "Show Advanced Menu" box

2. Go to Advanced and Debug Settings

3. In the Debug Settings window, choose "MeshMaxConcurrentRequests" from the drop down menu.

4. Change the value from the current number to 100.

You should now instantly be able to see any missing mesh items. This setting persists through logins but may reset when you install an update to your viewer.

Which is all well and good, until the conversation that happened just after:

[6:29:26 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: I note that raising MeshMaxConcurrentRequests is, from what I remember, not the *best* plan. I think it causes issues with the client/server. Because the problem really is that a request gets stuck. SO all it does is push the problem down the line.
[6:30:21 PM] Axxxxxxxx Rxxxxx: I dunno of anything better, short of writing better code in the first place
[6:32:23 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: Pretty much. The best solution is a relog/cache clear.

So...take with a grain of salt? In that the "solution" may make the problem worse.

From a random profile seen by a friend:
Internet in 10 years from now: We no longer ask "where are you from" but "what is your timezone?"
Hells, we're there now.

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