Friday, April 26, 2013

every angel begins at the end

So...innovations and inventions, both baffling and unique. Clip post? Why, yes, we are there again.

First, a bit on nail polish. No, not Ciaté's chalkboard manicure (though I, along with many, many others, am dying to find out how that works). But no, I'm talking about the Blow Monkey.

Seriously. They couldn't have come up with a better name than Blow Monkey? Don't misunderstand me, nail dryers of various kinds have been out for decades, and it's not a bad concept--nail polish takes a long time to dry, and if you're doing a full set--with or without fake nails adding to the drying time--it's not the worst idea to find the concept one approves of most, picking up the reasonable device within that concept, and adding it to one's manicure routine.

But...Blow Monkey. Blow Monkey. Really?

There's still a few left on Amazon, if you're really curious.

Moving to science, this is made of awesome and win. And SCIENCE. Seriously, if the ITER project works out, we could crack the secret of fusion power in my lifetime. From "it can't be done, what are you thinking?" to creation, that's impressive beyond reason.

"These fashionable totes are constructed with two main items: a roll of duct tape and a stapler."

No. No, they're not. Seriously, pick up a damn needle. Because I guarantee you, that won't hold up to a trip to the library, let alone groceries. And if all you want is some big oversized trendy thing to toss sunglasses and a paperback into, then go on Etsy like everyone else and pay too much for one. It'll last longer anyway.

Moving to childcare, how about a redesign of the baby spoon? And really cleverly done, too--not only did Spuni launch this campaign on Indiegogo, but they then decided to take their concept into the real world via fabrication printing. So, crowdfunded--which they made--for a product which will revolutionize infant feeding, no lie, and they're taking over part of the Brooklyn Navy Yard complex for manufacture--which has, for literal decades, been a decaying, unsafe series of structures slowly falling into disrepair.

Technology meets reclamation meets child-rearing improvement. I am so on board for this.

I just want to toss this out there while we're on quirky redesigns. It's more "aww, cute idea" than revolutionary and must-have, but still.

Moving to crafts, there's apparently a small-time resurgence in making ninja peg people. Now, while that can be cool and quirky and fun all on its own, I personally have this sudden temptation to make up a dozen little peg ninja at a time, then leave them on my travels out and about. It's like guerrilla crafting...only with ninja toys!

And have some Lego Iron Man 3 posters, while I'm thinking about it. What else do I have lying around...

Oh, right, I've been thinking of doing a series on various aspects of Fantasy Faire, but this year got away from me in spades. Which is kind of sad, because I promised a friend I'd do a review of at least her sim's Faire booth.

How'ver, I'm thinking this may be a good starting point for an entry on its own anyway--what RP sims in SL are getting it right, for the most part? So expect an upcoming entry (hopefully sometime next week) on that topic, so feel free to keep an eyestalk out.

And I'll leave you with the fiftieth episode of Your Grammar Sucks, which is a madcap twenty-odd minutes of skit comedy, bad grammar, baffling YouTube comments, live performance, and fan contributions. Well worth the watch. (And while you're there, have a listen to the Epic Rap Battles' second-season finale, which featured Rasputin vs. Stalin--with amusing cameos along the way. It truly deserves the term "epic".

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