Monday, April 29, 2013

I'm begging you, please wake me up--in all my dreams I...

This preempts anything else I had planned, 'cos it's kind of that important. From Dare Munro:
The bad news:

My little beast of a computer has finally given it up - it has died on the table several times now and is barely functional.

The good news:

So, on that note, I am announcing the 'Dare Needs a New Computer' sale!

In order to keep running SL and keep doing what I do, the little beast (now 5 years old) MUST be replaced. So I am having a sale for the next few weeks - every few days I will add a room to the sale (as I am able) with hundreds more outfits and more all on sale for 199L (or less). One whole room is ready to go now with almost 100 designs in every color.

In other news - this computer crisis has left me WAY behind in filling gift card orders, but if you have one pending or know someone who does - rest assured they will all be filled as I am doing a few a day as long as the computer holds out.

Cross your fingers for me - I hope to be back at full capacity very soon.

yours faithfully,
- Dare :)
(from the events album)

So what does this mean? Well, first and foremost: SALE AT DARE. Which, like, rarely happens.

But more than that, I know this pain. I wouldn't have the nifty computer I'm typing from now had a dear friend not come through for me. When computers die, they tend to die hard, and if your business is mostly (or even entirely) virtual, this is a BIG problem.

(from the events album)

Dare's not the only one this is happening to, either. Amesha Jewell, the mind behind Aeva/Heartsick, had her computer die a horribly painful death. So friends of hers are organizing a fundraiser, first couple weeks of May.

(from the events album)

I know, I know, timing. We all just spent our hearts out supporting Fantasy Faire. But these are also important issues--and issues that, if not solved, will result in one or both makers losing their livelihood, if not their sims. And that's too great a sacrifice when for around a grand US, you can get a pretty functional machine with some bells and whistles to help out along the way.

(from the events album)

Help if you can, appreciate the art of creation doesn't matter if the medium of creation has evaporated, and spread the word.

(Worn: Heartsick's "Enchant/Illusion" skin gift from a few years back, in Very Berry; Curious Kitties' "Honeybee" eyes from a spring festival last year, I believe; Alice Project's "Delirium" hair in Red/Black from the last Twisted hunt [gacha prize for this color, I think\; and Dare Designs' "Apparition" outfit in Violet from the new sale [but remember, go to the link above for the special sale room]. All shots taken in Evensong Woods, the last hour or so it exists on the grid.)

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