Wednesday, April 3, 2013

cringe like you're cursed with your wrecking ball-y necklace

More scenes from a hunt.

(from the scavenging album)

The bubbly tilted carousel from World's End Garden.

So I found out--on the last day of the RMK Gothic sim's Bunny hunt--that seven of the various tickets had wrong SLUrls in them. One of those was World's End Garden--the actual location to redeem tickets was on the RMK sim itself.

(from the scavenging album)

But at the time that I shot these, I still thought it was somewhere on the World's End sim itself. I wandered everywhere amidst the glowing flowers, and while I didn't discover the book, I did thoroughly fall in love with the sim.

(from the scavenging album)

There are two parts: these three pictures I'm showing are of the garden next to the beam-in point. Towards the center of the sim, there's one of Miss Wrigglesworth's Anywhere doors; find that and you get access to the seaside portion of the sim.

And somewhere up there, for at least a few more days, is a jar of stars that contains a special dress. (Plus, it then becomes a simple jar of stars that one can hold, so really, there are two gifts in one.) That, also, is worth the wander, but even if you don't find the jar, drinking in the sheer beauty of the sim may be enough on its own.

(from the scavenging album)

Intruder alert! Land of Nodd's T-Rex was not the only danger, apparently!

Thankfully, their Turret was not awake, or I'd have been in real trouble.

This is full of awesome and goodness. And zombies. It's filled with zombies. But it's well worth watching.

(At least if you like zombies.)

As part of the current Jack in the Box promotion involving bacon--the one with the most disturbing ending line ever--they've launched a "secret" menu item: the bacon milk shake. It comes in two sizes, the now-you've-eaten-enough-for-the-whole-day, 773-calorie, sixteen-ounce "medium", and the inducing-your-own-funeral, 1081-calorie, twenty-four ounce "large" size.

So, if you are still interested in risking fatal coronary disease, what does it taste like? Well, according to the Serious Eats blog...really disgusting, actually.

The trip point for the reviewer seems to lie in the Torani bacon syrup used as the flavor base. We don't know exactly what's in the bacon syrup, but we do know that it contains soy and wheat, but no natural bacon extract, and can be safely consumed by vegetarians. So whatever Torani ended up adding to this bottle to make it taste like's not bacon.

And in Jack in the Box's latest novelty shake, that difference becomes staggeringly--and apparently unpleasantly--obvious.

And there is a sim named Psilocybin. That is all.

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