Saturday, April 13, 2013

we talk about love, we talk about dishwater tablets and we dream about heaven

[19:34] Jxxxxxx Gxxxxx: feijoa, cherimoya, pomellos, are you all living in the rainforrest?
[19:34] Sxxxxxxxx Gxxxx: no
[19:34] Jxxxxxx Gxxxxx: we dont get that there fruit here in Maine
[19:34] Jxxxxxx Gxxxxx: we have apples, oranges and lobster
[19:35] Emilly Orr: ...lobster is a fruit?
[19:35] Emilly Orr: Since when?
[19:35] Dxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I want a lobster tree
[19:35] Jxxxxxx Gxxxxx: yes, it is the national fruit of Maine! :-p
[19:35] Pxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: its a thing
[19:35] Pxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lobsterfruit
[19:35] Dxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but things go better with coke

Let's just say Caledon chat was strange today, and leave it at that.

So, I had some other things planned, but kept finding myself dragging my feet over getting the entries finished and posted. I'm not uninterested in the topics, I will at some point finish those entries, I'm just still dealing with the last vestiges of prior heartbreak.

It takes me a long time to recover from things. You'd think a year-plus would be enough time, but...yeah. No. Not so much.

Plus, my mind is now trying to chew over effective ways to present the upcoming Aether Salon to which I was invited. clear back in....gad. February?? And while I'm still trying to figure out what I want to SAY, and if there's anything about steampunk music I want to update for this blog, I haven't mentioned it because it seemed....well. Impossibly distant.

This is why stress is a bad thing.

Anyway, my presentation will be in the Babbage Palisades district of New Babbage, the Sunday after next, 21 Aprille, at the nearly-ungodly early hour of two in the afternoon, SLT. (Hey. Professional night owl, and that's the law--go to bed during single digits; get up during single digits; and we nicely avoid most instances of the Nasty Bright Thing.) All I know right now is I will be there; I will likely likely be extraordinarily caffeinated; and I'll do my best to keep tangents to a dull roar.

In the meantime, welcome to our next edition of Shopping Naked: Why Is This a Thing?

(from the shopping album; censored because her 'dress' is pretty damned much openwork netting.)

This is a serious question on my part. All the various and myriad stores, maturity ratings, roleplay styles, fetish styles, looks, avatars, and structures on the grid: but unless you're a professional nudist, why would you--why would anyone--decide to shop naked? I don't get the urge, plain and simple.

(from the shopping album; censored because her 'dress' is pretty damned much openwork netting.)

And no, I don't know what was wrong with her hair. And believe me, she didn't port in and port out, so she didn't have time to rez. I watched her for a good ten minutes, trying to figure out whether she was wearing some mesh object that just hadn't rezzed in (she hadn't; besides, the Lola's Tango implants she's wearing are mesh), or if her hair was also mesh, and had just gone buggy around the edges.

But nope. Neither of those things were true. Maybe she just really doesn't understand how hair works on the grid. It's obvious enough she doesn't know how to stand...

Sadly, that may answer the first question, as well: she'd spent all of thirty-eight days on the grid.

[19:36] Mxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok, this isn't a snipe hunt type of deal is it? The only lobster I'm aware of is the kind that is served on a plate with butter with a side of steak
[19:36] Sxxxxxxxx Gxxxx: its the fruit of the local land or sea in this case
[19:36] Pxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: crunchy
[19:36] Jxxxxxx Gxxxxx: oh a surf and turf....
[19:36] Dxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: It is ISC After Dark [Mxxx]....
[19:36] Axxxxxx Gxxxxxx prefers it in tacos
[19:36] Axxxxxx Gxxxxxx: lobster, that is
[19:36] Pxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: fruits du mer

Yeah, still strange.

Apparently in the next coming update to Minecraft (currently in beta-like, "snapshot" form, there will be...leashes on chickens? But why? That's what I don't understand. Why do we need leashes on chickens?

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