Sunday, October 18, 2009

you stoop to feed the crows to let 'em scratch the truth

All right. I'm only saying this once more, because apparently folks are still confused.

Yes, I was fired from Radio Riel. It was over a difference of opinion. No, it was not my decision to leave. Yes, I'm not thrilled about it. No, there's nothing I can do about it, and no, I don't want to boycott Radio Riel over it.

Is everyone caught up now? Let's move on.

The two pictures I captured during the ten-box S.I.C. hunt (in the sims sick and sick5) were when I was standing outside of the Weapons Shop, just a step away from the port-in point in the main sim.

Neon sign, bright take

They won't really show you how cool this was; you should go look for yourself.

Neon sign, flickering off

(By the way, while you're wandering the sick chain, check out the small Hallows fair in sick5. Fun seasonal freebies to take home and treasure, including a crow machine!)

Crow machine

(I'm not kidding about the crow machine.)

The boxes you're looking for are like always--small tarnished metal boxes, with handles, and a center rotating glowing blue "active" beacon:

The S.I.C. prize retrieval box

This one, at least, is relatively easy; you don't have to wear a HUD, you don't have to take the completed HUD to the central computer core and wait for prize delivery. Just collect the boxes. Ten collected, will unpack into a pretty nifty set of cyber-armor. In what might even be holiday tones.

In other news, I received this notice from the Octoberville Group:

Group Notice From: Master Kaos

We are reverting to the original policing policies only [involving] abuse, harassment of people on the sim.

WE WILL NOT BE POLICING ARC ANY LONGER. WE WILL NOT BE POLICING CHEATING ANY LONGER. We have tried to do our best, being that this is a sim built for everyone in SL just to have fun and explore and have something interesting to do, and no longer wish to be cussed out, threatened, reported, badly represented, and have false claims sent out in notecards in mass mailings. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Okay, first off, what the hell? And, it's still WHAT THE HELL?!?

I have to find out why this was sent out. Because this just sounds insane. Notecards sent in mass mailings threatening Octoberville? Because they had the audacity to have a scavenger hunt?!?

I'll tell you more when I know more, but this is surreal.


Kathy Jameson said...

I received a polite request via IM to keep my ARC in the green zone - it may have been (and likely was) a generic request, but my ARC was pretty high, so I did what I could. And I was thanked for complying. All of that struck me as entirely reasonable. I could imagine that request might have bothered highly-strung people because they're, well, taut as a piano string.

As I'm sure you know, the notecard had some fairly strong language about cheating. I was a tad troubled by that only because some of it seemed a little ambiguous (exactly what constraints do you want us to have on using the cam features? Does it count when I can't move because of the lag?) and, gee, it's a game. But, again, the highly-strung may take refuge in the relative anonymity of the grid.

Emilly Orr said...

Perhaps I'm confused--I thought the notecard mentioned came from someone else on the grid, not the Octoberville sim owners?

Candy said...

I'm apparantly not very obvservant. I thought Octoberville closed? I would like to know more, too.


Emilly Orr said...

No, no no--October Country, the vintage radio/Lovecraftian tribute sim closed; Octoberville is going strong and has a very challenging, interactive, and fun hunt this year through the 31st.

Candy said...

D'oh! **blushes**

Thanks for clearing that up! :-)


Kathy Jameson said...

(Sigh. This whole thread got lost in an in-box, so my apologies for the lengthy delay.)

The note card I referred to was called the "Octoberville 2009 Welcome Note (READ ALL THIS FIRST!!)" which I interpreted as coming from the sim owners. Again, though, I wasn't particularly offended by it.

Emilly Orr said...

You know, thinking back on this matter--with the perspective of time--something did strike me.

Yes, the rules for Octoberville get more restrictive every year. I have the habit of camming around me, simply to look at things, and with some of the clues this year being so small, one sometimes *had* to cam in, under, or behind objects to see things.

But I was forever camming into some structure, just to look around, and having my partner in crime remind me not to sit on anything, because that was against the rules, and we'd be banned. :)

Okay, someone who's never dealt with that on a rule list before? Yeah, it occurs to me (now) that that would be shocking and confusing.

Me, I've done...let's see, missed the last one nearly entirely, but before that...carry the two...and the Labyrinth...well, let's just sum it up and say I've done most of Azriel Demain's scavenger hunts at FallnAngel Designs for the past three years. You want draconian rules? Grab a rules notecard during one of his hunts.

No camming. No picking up anything not immediately within reach. No porting people in to the object locations. No flying overhead and calling down locations. You *can* hunt in groups--in fact, he encourages it--and you *can* take landmarks from your last location, if you had to stop--but he and his staff watch everyone like hawks and track names, locations and numbers during each hunt.

He bans for rule violations. So the hunt rules for Octoberville? Didn't strike me as that restrictive. Restrictive of themselves, sure. Restrictive according to my baseline, which is Cheat at my hunt and I ban you from my sim and THEN move all the hunt prizes...well, Octoberville's not that bad. :)

Kathy Jameson said...

Yes, camming was essential. As far as more, um, creative ways of getting into places, I'll plead the Fifth. :)

Emilly Orr said...


Well, I'd have to plead the Fifth on that one, as well--but in my case, all the cam-and-sit issues I had were because the sim was instants from crashing, and I didn't want to be trapped where I was.

At least once I discovered that if you "sat" on the "sunbeams" coming in the front door of the haunted house, you ended up on the roof.

Which was fine for me, because then I could leave!