Friday, October 30, 2009

well, if you wanted honesty, that's all you had to say


And this is why I don't buy shoes with prim feet. Most of the time I'm wearing stockings, or at least long socks; I'm more often seen in stocking feet than in bare feet, or bare legs. It just doesn't make sense.


I'll even take my stockings off. Now it looks like I have footless leggings on, doesn't it? Because of the difference between my now bare legs, and the tone of the prim feet in the shoes--which, by the way, were no-modify. It's a safe bet to assume that, as soon as these pictures were taken, the prim feet went the way of all deleted inventory.


I have too much insane variety in my skin tone to ever invest, in any serious way, in shoes with prim feet. It's just not feasible. And even if I ever do lose my mind and buy a pair, they certainly won't be a pair that I can't at least modify to match my skin tone! Be that skin tone pale blue, pale green, neko and furred, or vampiric white!

Let's not even get into the struggle I'd have matching zombie skin tones to prim feet, because really--I'd have to stop at the mottling, let alone the increasing levels of decay!

Moving on. MMORPG lists the five scariest MMO launches of all time, being that it's the season for such things. Fun article. And look! Meat hands!

*coughs* I'm terribly sorry, moving on for real, now. To...THE MOTHERFUNKEN HORROR MAZE!!!


I feel like shouting out "SUNday, SUNday, SUNday..." for some reason. But really, it's so over the top, from the name to the logo. Who are these people? Also, it's worth noting that this is a horror maze on Adult land. (Yes, this becomes, err...relevant later.)

Before the maze begins, they have three flashlights to grab to aid you on your way, and I really like the way they think--one's handheld, one's held in your mouth, and one clips to your hip. Really ingenious. The hip light is going in my Halloween folder for next year's haunts.

It is a maze, and as such, there's a considerable amount of backtracking to get to each exit point, and there are "dead end" exit points along the way.


The Gate Keeper whispers: The one who approaches is an avatar, created to experience the virtual world. The one who watches is an avatar, created to experience the real world.

Ooh. Deep. Also of note, there are a lot of 'traps' in general--there are over thirty free items to be had by clicking on various things (I didn't find them all) but some of the things that can be clicked on will trap you. There are also electrical games, a bit of fortune-telling here and there, and the ubiquitous red skull guides that at times, are your only clue on where you're going.


This is a very dangerous section. Ware thou the doors. (And remember that "Adult" designation.)

All in all, very satisfying. I have more pictures than I'm showing, but it's well laid out, challenging, and holds to a consistent theme. I was impressed.

Then I went off to the land of bad grammar, aka Cape Breton Island, for--and I quote--"SL's GOREST ATTRACTION!" First, there were far too many sounds in the ATTRACTION; it all blurred into oddly giggly requests for "buh-buh-buh-raiiiins", and little else. And sure, yes, there was a great muchness of blood, but very little substance. The 'backstory' card handed out made the original family out to be cannibals of some stripe, but...apart from some very fun bone was just corpses here, corpses there, and lots of dunning, constant, noise

Don't go.

To recover, I found a link to the Village of Nyght. The card they gave out spoke of a prosperous fishing village, that slowly fell under the influence of a mysterious cult, after a great shipwreck just off the shore.

That sounded very familiar, so I asked the Brain in the Jar next to the port-in point for more information. This is what it said: "[3:00] Brain 1.0: You can learn more about a man in an hour of play, than in a year of conversation. --Plato"


I do believe this is where October Country residents set up. Well worth a wander, but not precisely a "haunted house", per se.

I thought Kassturm had a haunted house, at first. Turns out they're selling one, scripted, for L$1313. Hee. But they're throwing in a free set of pumpkin lights just for porting in! I must wander their offerings further.

Next up, the Haunted Isle of Hope Cemetary had a really odd line in their ad: "Rediscover the romance in necromancy."

...the hell? But I came out to find out more.


It's not the worst little jaunt, though there are far more "romantic" places to encounter...well..."romantic entanglements"? And being the season, some of them are next to haunted ships, cemetaries, and dark, cold dungeons. Whatever works for them.


Though I will say, they've got a floor.

The Willow Grove haunted house I can't review; I'm still banned. At least I knew why, as soon as I discovered who owned the place...Huh. She still holds last year's "Love Bugg Haunted House" review against me. And I still said good things about the house...But the link's there if you want to check it out.

And I have less than no interest in the haunted golf course; you're welcome to play a round with the skeletons if you like. In fact, I think the only thing left, really, is the Haunted Church at Mysticos.

So off I went.


It did not look promising.


My small hovering companion seemed to find everything quite fascinating, but to be fair, he hasn't been out much. It's a fair haunt, some attempt went into it at least, and it gives you five minutes' diversion or so wandering the church. The sounds aren't overwhelming, and the green glow from things was well done. But it's one of those, 'if you're really bored, traipse off to see' attractions, not a must-see-at-any-cost haunt.

And that wraps up the things to do at Hallows section of the blog. Mostly, the offerings were somewhat tedious, if not downright depressing, but there are one or two shining gems, as I've tried to point out.

Also, the pictures of the prim toes were taken in Autogenic Alchemy's new store; it's coming along very nicely, now it's nearly finished. And the Tentacoo pet will soon be available, in cuddling and floating versions, and with and without swaddling (to keep your...err...growing Cthuloid monstrosity warm, or....something.)

(If anyone wishes to take a sneak peek, you can walk over from it from Lady Disdain's new store link, mentioned in previous entries. But shhh. Don't tell Mr. Allen I told you!)

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