Thursday, October 29, 2009

all the pretty faces and sorry words can take away your pride

Ah, the next installment of the haunted house run...this is all about the last house we visited.

second life,haunted houses

OneDom had a haunted house this year in Jai. Strangely, we'd already seen some of OneDom's work--the haunted spirit mirror and the brain buffet seem popular this year, and OneDom makes them.

second life,haunted houses

This house is dangerous? Well, I know it's creepy enough--the statues watched me as I walked up the stairs, the painting hissed one of Freddy Krueger's lesser-known aphorisms, and the crashing sea behind the island house was red as blood.

second life,haunted houses

Impressive, though. Lots of physics effects, so expect occasional lag. And did I mention the statues? Simple effect, but it really got to me.

second life,haunted houses

It's a gorgeous build, and really, when you think about it--considering it's entirely stocked with OneDom products--a very focused advertisement for everything they sell.

second life,haunted houses

If this is the quality of stuph they sell, though, bring it on. I want half of what I saw, it's very well made.

second life,haunted houses

And some rooms seem to be there just for the pretty. I'm fine with this, mind, but I liked that they had just darkly beautiful places, as well as disturbing ones.

(And if you've noticed the small pale android with the holographic face with me, this is Autogenic Alchemy's next project--hopefully soon to be released! Expect some point...on the shop blog.)

Overall, high marks for OneDom. Since nearly everything is a sculpt, do give lots of time to rez. But some very fun rooms, and--if you find the bathroom--don't forget to flush.

This may be the haunted houses for the year; it's been mostly slim and disappointing all around. But there are some odd gems in all the schist. It's worth digging for them if you have the time.


Rhianon Jameson said...

The android will be a Coin Operated Boy? :)

The OneDom house does look interesting - I'll have to wander by. The half-dozen or so I went to have been merely okay to fairly dull. Ah well.

Emilly Orr said...

There may be a boy version in time; you can't really tell from the shots, because I was less trying to capture the new form and more interested in pictures of the haunts--but the iBot, whatever she ends up being called, is very much female.


Also very small--while most of the time I consider myself short in world, she clocks in exactly at 5'6" in quantified translation, though that's also the shape. (Which as always doesn't necessarily need to be used.)

As far as the haunts this're not wrong. I'm not sure why last year was so vibrant and intriguing, even the general failures having fun sections, and this year was just so...uninspired.