Sunday, October 11, 2009

and if I fall, I will find a way back to my hands

I had intended my next entry to be about the principles of fair use, and what constitutes fair use in SL.

That's changed. Radio Riel lacks one host, now.

This potentially is a great problem, how'ver; because as far as I know, barring Touma-san, we--they--don't have any other hosts.

So. A small guide to hosting, if you care to read along, and then whom to contact to apply.

First, remember, your value as a host: be polite, be charming, be approachable. You aren't the life of the party, as such; but you are an important gear that keeps the party moving. If the conversation lags, see about asking someone something. Comment on the music, comment on the clothes, comment on topics of the day.

Second, be aware that while spelling isn't everything, since most of Radio Riel's gigs are in and around Caledon and the steamlands, it's not nothing, either. Typos are typos, they happen to everyone, but try to avoid common spelling/chat pitfalls like "r u sur?" or "o i c" or "gr8". Caledon as a whole values literacy; values intelligence; and while propriety and proper dress (and address) may have fallen by the wayside, intelligence and literacy are still guideposts to success.

Third, it helps to have a large wardrobe, but if you have one or two nice pieces, that's really all you need. Don't be afraid to ask fellow Hosts or Presenters, depending, if they have something more formal they can loan you; they're usually more than willing to, if they have transferable gowns or suits.

Fourth, don't be afraid to like places--for example, I adore the crowd at Terpsichore Tuesdays, and I'm going to miss them; in time, I think I'd have fun going back and dancing not as a paid Host. If you like a venue, and it works out for you to take that slot, unless someone else really adores it too, don't feel bad about taking that. Having changing Hosts and Presenters is fine; but having consistency never hurts either.

Above all, only take a job hosting if you want to. It will pay rent, it won't support shopping sprees. And if you're doing it to make big money, or to get you by until 'something better' comes along--don't bother. Only go in if you're committed, and happy, to host for Radio Riel.

And, if you have aspirations to Present--to be an SL/internet DJ--getting your feet wet as a Radio Riel Host is never a bad way to go. You can learn by watching the Presenters present; by listening; and by asking questions. You're already halfway there, and they are always looking for Presenters, for new shows, new events, and all-day stints of running Radio Riel's main stream.

To submit applications or for further information, contact Autopilotpatty Poppy, the Radio Riel events manager, or Gabrielle Riel, Radio Riel Presenter and owner.