Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I knew you wanted to tell me, in your voice there was something wrong

Burning Life 2009 ended, and the reputation of the Burn went up in smoke.

This is how it goes.

Tateru Nino over at Massively and Stroker Serpentine, the mind behind SexGen, broke the story about the massive cases of copyright infringement that were plunked right in the middle of Burning Life.

And I was sad because I hadn't wandered the virtual Burn. Now I'm glad I didn't go.

To repeat information you will find there, this is a partial list of everything that was lifted from various designers on the grid, hacked into notecard segments, and passed out in one full-permission box (apparently previously owned by Damen Hax, a long-time resident, who says otherwise, he has zero connection to the infringement):

3FX (Jasmine Godenot?)
FNKY! (Funk Schnook)
CobraTech (BlckCobra Shikami)
**Kabuki Creations (Naku Nishi)
AQUALOVE Zen and Serenity (Luigi Dickens)
Raziel Foggarty Sexbeds (Raziel Foggarty)
Luna Animations (Jennifer Brennon)
::Bloodlines:: (Mars Bracken)
Zyngo (Aargle Zymurgy)
Bojan Allen Sexbeds (Bojan Allen)
CM Designs (Corrin Maitland)
Eclectic Randomness (Winter Ventura)
Bits and Bobs (Craig Altman)
[.::CHASE::.] (Ocean Lane)
Damania (Damanios Thetan)
Lovebirds Paradise Furniture (Bird Lilliehook)
Shiny Things (Fallingwater Cellardoor)
Stiletto Moody Shoes (Stiletto Moody)
Midnight Lotus (Hasuko Kuramot)
Quantum Products (Darling Brody)
5ifth Order (Jonny Dusk)
AKEYO (artoo Magneto)
Arcane (Eyllen Allen)
MystiTool (Mystical Cookie)
Ce Cubic (mirari Jun)
BARTLETT & NIELSON Furniture (Belle Bartlett)
Vamporium (Trijin Bade)
.:MAD Studio:. (Maddox DuPont)
SixtyNine(Kumii Yoshikawa)
:SEY (risey Arai)
SiniStyle (Krius Misfit)
SineWave (Easy Babcock)
VISTA Anim (Vista Barnes)
Henmations (Hendrik Schroeder)
Abranimations (Abramelin Wolfe)
Armidi (London Armidi)
@HOME (nightlife Overlord)
SOREAL (Kwarney Pinion)
[ hoorenbeek ] (Limer Kosten)
Gritty Kitty (Noam Sprocket)
Blaze Nielson (no store name, no classified ads taken, resident since 2006?)
TOM Burt (no TOM listed, just tom Burt and Tomae Burt, and no one has anything on their profiles?)
kowalski Erin (Neither kowalski Erin, who is German, or Erin Kowalski, who is not, have anything on their profiles?)
Redgrave (no idea whether "Redgrave" is first name or last, thus no other name to search for, thus no further information--anyone know more?)

Note, this is only a partial list.

From Ciaran Laval:

Linden Lab really need to make an example of someone here. They need to send a loud and clear message that exploits won't be tolerated, it's time to stop playing nice over there in San Francisco and go after those who encourage content theft.

It also hit over on Shopping Cart Disco, where Tenshi Velle sounds shocked and appalled, start to finish. (There's also an open discussion on copyright infringement that's worth reading through.)

Today, the creator of the Neillife viewer responded to the allegations that exploits in his viewer allowed this major hack. He denies any culpability...then spends a minorly exhaustive time detailing, in that post, simple hacks he's okay to tell others about, on how to get gestures, animations, system clothing layers, particle streams, and prim objects.


The march for IP protection and copyright security goes on...neither side is winning, yet, nor likely to do so for some time.

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