Tuesday, October 27, 2009

and never stopped to listen to your one and only prayer

The ultimate vampire comparison chart. (Though I note, there are mistakes on this list. But it's fun nonetheless.)

Speaking of ultimates, this is cut paper. No, seriously. All of that castle is comprised of folded and cut paper. Incredible.

On my way somewhere, I came across mention of a haunted house in Pirandello Bay. Imagine my intrigue when I saw this:

second life,submission

Oh my.

It's good food for thought, though, and it is a true statement. Plus, it forever amuses me that in keeping with PhotoBucket's draconian nudity policies, I have to 'mask out' nipples--therefore making them even more obvious--but the whipmarks across those lovely breasts? Will likely be just fine.

Hypocrisy, I tell you.

But more on them later; in the meantime, we move on! To...Chateau de Mort! Thrills! Chills! Zombies! Undead!

...wait, next event October 14th?!?

second life,haunted houses

I admit, I love the concept of the Teleport Booth. That was a nice touch.

There were a lot of nice touches at Chateau de Mort, but very little coherency.

second life,haunted houses

The Hell Hole was new this year, but overall rating...eh. One out of ten skulls? Too many things happening for no reason, way too many sounds overlapping, but the build is nice. Which brings us to...

Bloodmoon Manor. Which, oddly, was the same build as the Chateau, and many of the same props. What the hell? Mostly dull, but there were interesting moments:

second life,haunted houses

The ballroom, for instance. Took a while to rez in, but once it did, it was eerily beautiful. Another lovely little touch is in the front room of Bloodmoon--a ghostly radio that plays themes from horror films, classic and modern, on the parcel stream. Again, elegant little touch.

second life,haunted houses

This was also an interesting touch. Not truly connected to the rest of the house, but a nicely laid out room on its own. The burning body was a nice touch.

second life,haunted houses

The attic was rather good, as well. The fellow with the chainsaw was overkill, but the torso on the table was reasonably grotesque.

Yes, my hair has eyes. It also blinks on occasion. But we'll move on.

Then we went to Pirandello Bay. This is an adult-rated sim. They're very interesting. They have an ice dungeon. It all sounds fascinating.

second life,haunted houses

You may have to port in to the welcome center and find the teleport down; I'm not entirely sure it's not on a default beam-in point. Luckily, there's usually someone hanging around ready and willing to help out, in whatever fashion they can.

second life,haunted houses

The house itself is well-built, and nicely laid out for a small haunt, but....honestly, there's one rat. I think the biggest terror in there is that there's dust. And the one rat.

second life,haunted houses

And not enough bondage equipment in the dungeon. The horror!

Onward to Quark, where I ported into a table. This table:

second life,haunted houses

Ick. On the positive side, we finally have a table setting for upwardly mobile zombies?

The house itself is amazing--all 750 prims of it. It's Ulysses Cabaret's "Crooked Steamer" house, and this place is just packed with neat nooks and crannies and small rooms and gearpunk tweaks--including the slightly curving smokestack that is the house's tallest feature.

second life,haunted houses

But--apart from the brain buffet downstairs, and a single ghost roaming upstairs, there...wasn't anything else in the house.

I climbed the ladder to the attic and saw this after I drew close to the single pumpkin adorning the attic floor:

[23:32] Halloween Contest: BOO! Emilly Orr has survived the haunted house and have been entered in the Halloween Zyngo Contest! Your high scores will now show on the contest board! Visit Ill Faire to play


Okay, that was scary.

second life,haunted houses

"About the history of Slaughter Creek Manor

"This historic two-story house in Slaughter Creek with its wide verandahs and beautiful wrought iron work is now open to thousands of visitors each year - and they all want to know about the ghosts and tragedies associated with this sprawling mansion.
The original occupants were Andrew Mills and his family in 1884 and it would appear that from the Mills family most of the stories of ghosts and hauntings and many other tragic happenings seem to originate.

"In fact the ghost of young Mrs Mills and her new born baby has been seen many times in her former room and in recent years. It is believed that after Andrew Mills was murderd by their former stable hand leaving behind his beautiful wife and newborn son in 1910, Mrs Mills only left the house on two occasions and leaving her son in the care of her nanny had left the house upon her return she found the nanny had killed the baby by dropping him down the stairs and then killed herslf , This was the last straw for poor Mrs mills whome had become so very depressed and was soo distraught at the loss of her family she hung herself from her bedroom closet no wonder her presence still lingers. A new family had since moved into the empty home and had felt a bad evil pressence that took over the father and he when mad till he killed his whole family with a knife in thier sleep and turning it on himself...one family had tried to live there but lasted only a short time their experience: "We moved into Monte Cristo on June 3rd 1963 blissfully unaware of the Homestead's often gruesome history, those dubious revelations would be some time off..."

second life,haunted houses

It goes on like that, for a really long time. Like, a lot of exposition. And while I've shortened it for blog inclusion, I haven't corrected any spelling errors or run-on sentences, so you can see the back-story is about as scary as the house!

Still, the actual haunt is rather fun.

second life,haunted houses

The best part? They have a creepy haunted tip jar doll that chases you until you pay him! RUUUUN--or pay the kid, and then he'll go away!

Couple more from tonight's run through the haunts to come. Stay tuned!

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