Wednesday, August 13, 2008

an end to equilibrium

((RP? You decide.))

I looked down at the invitation in my hand again, a bottle and cork in the other. It still said what it said when it had been delivered to me on land:

People of Caledon
Guvnah Desmond Shang is proud to announce
that Saint Kitt Islands are officially safe
To celebrate, Guvnah Shang
cordially invites you to
a Beach Party on Saint Kitt Islands
Monday, August 18 at 1:00pm SLT
Attire: Beachwear, Victorian or Modern

I re-rolled the strip of parchment, sliding it into the bottle and corking it securely. I tore a strand of kelp from the strand looped around my neck, and tied that around the bottle, looping the whole thing over my waist. Then I swam out to the island, enjoying the touch of sea water on my fins again.

Duchess Gabrielle Riel proclaims the Saint Kitt Islands as perfectly safe, and I deeply mistrust this. I trust the Guvnah, don't get me wrong, but he may have just a wee bit too much on his plate at present to accurately judge safety. And I trust the Duchess, after all, she's my employer at Radio Riel! But still...I deeply mistrust this.

Besides, I've already died once by volcano, I don't intend to do it again!

Thankfully, not everyone is blinded by the glory of a beach party. I've heard news of rushed communiques from Duchess Eva Bellambi, speaking to the Boyarina about Saint Kitts. She says it is unsafe! I believe her.

It did not help matters at all that, upon my arrival in the warm waters of Saint Kitts Island, I just had time to blink, and aim for shore when the entire sim crashed!

Now, Duchess CoyoteAngel Dimsum claims the sim crashing, at that very moment, was simply a side effect of her testing Exciting New Things (TM):

[22:37] CoyoteAngel Dimsum: It crashed, sure, but lots of sims crash, especially ones where I'm trying out Exciting New Things (TM)

I fail to fully believe this, either.

My conclusion? Saint Kitts is geologically unstable. Go to the party, by all means, go, but go to get your fellow citizens away when you leave! It's not stable! Something is bound to go terribly, terribly wrong!


Anonymous said...

I thought one island being shaped like a cat was pretty cool, actually. And 2,500m up seems to be pretty ok - other than sim crash. *grins*

Emilly Orr said...

I do adore that "Saint Kitts" is, at least partially, in reference to the kitten-shape of the land mass, yes.

And I'll have to remember that 2,500 meters up things are fine. Below sea level, they were not so much. :p

Rhianon Jameson said...

One indeed wonders whether the announcement is perhaps a bit premature...or simply a bit of misdirection by those wishing to remove more than a few Caledonians and friends at once (do we have confidence that the original announcement was from Gov. Shang?). Capt. O'Toole has called the Middlesea Fleet into service in case the worst happens - but even the good captain did not factor in the likely tidal wave that will swamp the fleet should an eruption occur.

On the other hand, it's a beach party ! Life is about taking calculated risks, right?

Emilly Orr said...

Hmm, true, it was delivered to me in a surreptitious might not have been from the Guvnah at all!

But you are right. And beach party with Moai heads. Can't pass that up.