Friday, August 8, 2008

mother will they put me in the firing line?

Another day, another gig at Tribute Island, but this one...this one was different.

There was a bit of confusion between notecard sendouts, the Riel calendar, and the actual time of the concert--I was in world by noon, to ensure I got everything done I needed to before the start-time of one pm SLT. Save for it started at two, because Mankind Tracer couldn't make it before two. So off we went--after two sim restarts--to an hour of live music!

He sent shivers down my spine, he really did. There were times he sounded so much like David Gilmour wandered in to someone's spare studio with an acoustic guitar, it was uncanny. Absolutely amazing concert, I was so glad I came early.


He brought four women with him, the Tracerettes. They danced in choreographed perfection behind him, the entire time. That? That was very cool.


Afterwards, Radio Riel DJ Elrik Merlin spun the discs while I worked the floor. For more than two hours, he played Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett rarities, b-sides and alternate versions, along with a smattering of covers.


He was brilliant. Start to finish. It was an amazing few hours, between him and Mankind Tracer, and I think few better tributes to Syd Barrett have been presented. It was wonderful.

Several hours later, two of us wandered through Caledon Eyre for a bit this evening, searching for new wildlife. We found two antelope fawns.


At first moving forward seemed to startle them extremely. So we thereupon sat on the lawn beside Miss Robbiani's House of Alexander, I do believe. And we waited.


One of the fawns would approach us, stand and watch us, then flip and walk away. The other one would take a step, turn and bolt, turn back, take a step, turn and bolt again...he finally ended up hiding behind the house.

That's when things got strange.


Apparently, something in his young fawn's mind told him that walking farther away from the source of "danger"--namely, the neko in the petticoats and Carmen della Muse, clockwork chanteuse, both sitting on the grass. Sadly, there's not much for land behind Miss Robbiani's large blue shop. As a result, he backed himself into a corner between the impenetrable wall, and the sea.

I suppose he did what any mystically inclined creature might--he took to walking on water.


And then graze underwater.


For a moment we thought he might be in need of rescue--we had already nicknamed him Anchor, for his prediliction for water--when the oddest thing happened.

He sank to the bottom.


And his head fell off.


At this point, we were quite thoroughly convinced that this was no ordinary antelope fawn. No, indeed, this was quite the marvel indeed. This, in fact, might possibly be--counting in the breathing sans gills and the walking on water--Anchor the Jesuslope, to be frank.

He spent a good half hour roaming around, idly grazing (on what, we kept wondering), vain little pushes towards the far shore, and then...another completely baffling thing happened.


He walked off the edge of the sim and died.

I figure, three days later, we can come back, see if Anchor rises from the depths. If so, we've found the antelope Messiah.

Alas, I have few additional images, but I would point out two more things: they can walk through trees, and they tunnel.

Which was rather surprising, to be sitting on the lawn and suddenly be eye to eye with an equally startled fawn--peering out of the ground!

Will this be the future of SL?

And this is CGI.

Not convinced yet? Okay, how about this one? (By the way, neither of those images are precisely, erm, safe to view in traditional employment settings, let us say. No actual nudity, per se...but an air of the provocative.)

All in all, though, a wonderful day. I'd like more of those now and again.

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