Monday, August 11, 2008

well, here's your open invitation, with only a couple regulations

Atlus Vegas is a sim owned by the ATLUS videogame company. Partially to celebrate the release of Eternal Poison, among other games, they've put together a crane game on their sim.


Sucker is HUGE. Way, way, WAY beyond life-size.


Each of the prizes inside this thing is double my height!


See that speck in the control pod, with the rose-colored hair? That's me.

Yeah. THAT big.

The rules are simple.

1. Right-click on the carrier claw. Select 'Play'.

2. Move the claw via the arrow keys; when you think you're over the prize you want, hit Page Down.

3. Wait and watch what happens.

Sometimes, you get nothing, and you're dropped through the chute to the base of the game.


There's a big teleport button at the bottom (in Japanese) that'll teleport you back to the top of the stairs on the side.

Sometimes you'll get the prize.


So far, I've won two sets of eyes, a shirt for their Mamekata avatar, an Angel2 avatar (that's the rare), and a pixie follower pet.

Sometimes the claw explodes and you plummet into the crane game itself.


See what I mean about big?

But usually? Some glitch results in the prize falling from the claw, and you have to start all over again.

At least it's free...

Also, for anyone currently on the CSR run? I don't think we've hit an upper maximum of cards yet, but--I think Miss Heart Quandry comes close:


I stopped counting at 24 cards, when she beamed away....There's such a thing as too much efficiency on the Stamp Run, methinks.

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