Saturday, August 9, 2008

wild thing, I think I love you

Last night's fun and games didn't end with the death of Anchor the Jesuslope. No, unfortunately, the third in our trio wished to see the antelopes of Eyre.


This? Was a bad idea.


Darth Penny rides the antelope. Note presence of knife.


Darth Penny rides the panicked fawn towards the border.


And now, the antelope is in Tanglewoods.

I'd like to formally apologize if the ecosystem is disturbed due to this, as I did introduce Miss Neome to the fawns. But I had no idea her concept of "making friends with the wildlife" meant ATTACKING THEM AND RIDING THEM AROUND LIKE PONIES!!!


Neome said...

I did *not* attack them! We were playing!

Emilly Orr said...


That's just what every tiny metal serial killer would say.