Saturday, August 16, 2008

people, don't you understand, the child needs a helping hand

Normally, this is not a 'what a cool freebie!' blog, but I had to make note of something found over at Simply Silks.


Margareth, a fairly traditional bellydancing outfit. If you have a lace or linen undershirt, I'm pretty sure you could wear it somewhat more modestly, even. And it's one Linden!

It's only available until August 22nd, so go nab it now!

And Adam & Eve is having a hunt! At least one item in every department--and sometimes more--is marked down to 1L, 2L, 50L or 100L. Items in the Bargain Basement have been slashed across the board, and there's at least one entire set of shoes you can now buy individually for 50L each, or 600L for the full pack of twelve. (No, I'm not telling you which ones--it's a HUNT! Go HUNT!) The only exception is that no mens' skins are part of the hunt, and instead of making people hunt through all the colors on the hair wall, sachi hid three boxes containing one special hair style each in that room. (She says it's because she's already reduced much of the hair, so she didn't want to confuse people with what was on sale, and what's just a really good deal.)

And yes, there's one pair of eyes for 1L. Go! It ends Sunday at ten am SLT!

And back at Tribute Island, and this time it was for BubbaC John, SL's first and quite possibly best Elvis impersonator.


But it's not just the look, though by no means do I think the look is easy, in SL, to achieve. It was the voice. That half-drawl, half-smooth, completely-Elvis sound? BubbaC has it.


Amazing. Amazing singer, amazing performance. If you weren't here, you missed something grand. See if you can track him down in world.


Dreamy Blaisdale said...

This comment is unrelated to the content of your post, but I just wanted to say I think it's cool your post titles are lyric parts :) You might have noticed we do that a lot at Inspired as well. I always think that most people don't notice stuff like that, but here I am, noticing it at your blog!

Emilly Orr said...

I had noticed that! And yeah, it became a tradition early on; sometimes, I get the mad idea to go back through everything and link up the songs or videos I can find. But that way lies madness. :)

Thanks. :)