Monday, March 10, 2008

see heaven, flash a horrorshow


(Where you'll viddy the platties, ponya?)

Okay, sure. Y'all can come for the freebie outfit, if you want.

But droogies, sweet devotchkas, oh, what you'll provisteen if you don't prevy--


(The Moloko at an iddy-otschky.)

My Durango (Yeah) Number 95 (Yeah)
Kick boots and ultra live
See heaven (Yeah) flash a horrorshow (Yeah)
Knock it nice and smooth, step back and watch it flow


(Some cuddlesome spots while you wait with your droogies for the latest Vellocet.)

Welcome to the Milk Bar in Braunworth. Come all by your oddy-knocky, y'might still have some sladky radosky without a dobby drat.



(Horrorshow radosty, droogs, nearly better than the in-and-out. Slooshit true.)

Lots of mestoi to sit, come see. Skvat the platties and the spovarit--that'd be the Nadsat/English dictionary, for the uninitiated--cop a squat, stanya, stay a bit. You'll be glad you did, certain-sure.

Never gonna stop me,
Never gonna stop
Never gonna stop me,
Never gonna stop--

Mebbe even peer about upstairs, but be careful the grazzy Millies don't take you for a nazz--be cautious, droogs, be careful with the pitskas and the malchicks, and boodyisheen beeolassny, ya?

The devil (Yeah) ride a dinosaur (Yeah)
He paint the monster red so the blood don't stain the floor
In out, (Yeah) real savage show (Yeah)
Sorry as a shot came sickness, watch it flow


(Joy-joy fun for girls and boys, put plain, and pure-pure as milk. From the Moloko, at least, yah? Go see.)

(Some lyrics from Rob Zombie's Clockwork Orange-inspired song, "Never Gonna Stop".)


Seraph Nephilim said...

You're so cute!

and ... OMG! ... what have I done? Glances at all the Abney Park links to the left

Emilly Orr said...


Well, keep in mind I maintain three rather overlarge media sections, with items transiting in and out at random. They'll prolly be weeded down.

I do find it interesting they released the 'Droogy Outfit' for 'Boys and Girls'--when really, both movie and book? Concentrated on the droogs in Alex's little circle, alone, wearing such togs. But hey, who's counting? The single eyelash prim could be better--I'm thinking of making a stab at one that lays closer against the cheek--but as it is, out of the box, it's not bad.

Cane isn't theirs--theirs is nice but unscripted, the chrysoprase horsehead cane is scripted, and from the now-reconfiguring, or now-gone, Prim & Proper.

Still, though. Outfit, dictionary, and the Moloko to hang in. Fun fun.