Monday, March 17, 2008

the past is gone but something might be found to take its place

Lá fhéile Pádraig sona duit!

So, advance warning--the grid? Is going to suck this week. Above and far beyond the normal, nothing-works, grid suckiness.


And I'd be more impressed by this campaign:


if they hadn't blatantly ripped it off from PETA:


I mean, yes, I'm all for reinforcing intellectual property rights, but...ripping off someone's ad campaign to do it? Isn't that irony overkill, or something?

The SLRFL events are upon us again, and this year's Clothing Fair is part of it. It opens today and runs until March 23rd. The four sims are frequently filling up today, so keep that in mind--though lag is surprisingly light considering how many are in the sim, there is high lag, and it will close to teleport often:.


(Ignore the small picture, click for the full-size one and look at the mini-map readings!)

How'ver, if nothing else, the four sims are lovely to just walk through. They're quartered seasonally, and kept there, so Autumn has fallen leaves, Winter has ice, and so on. They're quite beautiful. Above and beyond the Clothing Fair, it's worth a wander.

But the Clothing Fair is packing the sim, and every booth has at least one outfit whose proceeds will 100% be donated to Relay for Life. So, sometime in the next week, do go and check out the Fair.

Also--as can be seen in that pic--they're running a hunt during the fair. Six antique chests have been hidden across the four sims. Find them all, find very special outfits inside. If you can actually brave the lag and catch the sim reasonably empty...

How cute is this:

(Miss Maja Stransky outside Adam & Eve's booth, where Winter meets Spring.)

It's a painted paper bag. The back says, "I don't need many prims for lag-free!" She gave me one. Apparently it's from kaguya*, which is a body/shape store in a Japanese sim. They also have traditional kimono, and some lovely animations and poses for women in kimono. Do stop by.


Unfortunately, last Sunday's Doll Cotillion in Salutaris featured an astounding level of fail for my cam. I got this picture intact, nothing else came out. Though Mr. Case Wrangler took some astounding on-the-spot pictures (one of them's currently my front-page profile pic), and there will be a doll calendar put out featuring dolls from the event.

I have to mention this again, since we're talking dolls--all the communities I've been in, every community I'm part of on the grid--there's always some point of divisiveness, some fracture point.

The doll community? Doesn't have these problems. Barring the infighting in the latex and rubberdoll communities--and really, by and large? It is infighting, just within those communities with each other--the dolls? We don't seem to have these problems. And you'd think we'd have them worse than most--because the doll community consists of everything from child doll avatars all the way up to fully-programmed futuristic sexbot dolls.

But there's this level of acceptance, I've never found anywhere else, and it stays our hands. You are doll, it says, therefore you're family. Toy soldiers, child dolls, broken dolls, vintage dolls...robotic constructs, warbots, gynoids, owned dolls...we're people. Or one community of various representations.

Not to be overly egotistic over this, but I'd love to see....however it is we do this...catch on in other communities. It'd be nice to see.

Anyway, the Cotillion was lovely, too. A gorgeously Baroque ballroom greeted us as we walked in, our steps clicking on pink marble to the dance floor. A Queen and Consort of the Cotillion were crowned--the adorably cute Zilvara Short, in a pretty pink ballgown, was Princess to Queen Petra Clawtooth's royal white and blue splendor--yes, it was a Disney moment, but it was a cute one. And the dancing was just lovely--the dance machine was in a teacup above the floor, and a spinning pair of rainbow-colored spheres spawned couples' dances wherever couples stood. Inventive idea.

I'd love to see more 'formal' doll events. And I think we'd all enjoy more doll get-togethers. But between Subversive Vavoom's working with various members of the community, and the establishment of the Clockwork Cafe, slowly, we're getting more doll events on the grid.

This? Is a good thing.

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