Saturday, March 29, 2008

out where there's a hillside of heather, curtsyin' gently in the breeze

The mist of May is in the gloamin'
and all the clouds are holdin' still
So take my hand and let's go roamin'
through the heather on the hill...

Brigadoon! The call went out, our Guv'nah gathered those few wakeful souls at such a late hour, and pled us go henceforth to Caledon, were we not there, and the heart of Brigadoon, if we were, to spy on wonders henceforth unrevealed!

The mornin' dew is blinkin' yonder
There's lazy music in the rill,
And all I want to do is wander
through the heather on the hill...

I arrived late.

I had time only to snap one picture with imprecision:


The stone hare, ancient to beloved Caledon, atop a the center of enchanted Brigadoon, from whence modern Caledon Brigadoon sprang.

There may be other days as rich and rare.
There may be other springs as full and fair.
But they won't be the same--they'll come and go...

And then it faded, first thatch-roofed cottages, then the glowing golden light, then the cobblestones beneath our we scattered to the four winds o'er the low stone bridge, as it too, faded from our view.

When the mist is in the gloamin'
and all the clouds are holdin' still,
If you're not there I won't go roamin'
through the heather on the hill
The heather...on the...hill.

Watch for it. T'will only appear once in a great while, and on no fixed schedule--the village at the heart of Caledon Brigadoon, ancient Brigadoon in truth. Where the old traditions that power Caledon, in part, to this day...were new-minted inventions themselves.

Thank you, Desmond, and Sir was an honor and a privilege to be allowed to view such a sight.

Brigadoon, alive for only one day...mayhap, much less, depending...but watch for it. You just might catch future day.

(Lyrics taken from the musical Brigadoon, and the song "Heather on the Hill".)


Edward Pearse, Earl of Primbroke said...

Typical. I've been hanging out to get a picture of Brigadoon in situ. for ages and while I'm at work it turns up and then vanishes. I may just have to make photos of it's non-world resting place and doing some creative work to make it appear properly :-)

Emilly Orr said...

I'll look forward to that.

I nearly missed it myself--having been wandering most of yesterday far from Caledon, I was most scandalously attired, and took the time to change to a floor-length skirt--thus nearly missing seeing Brigadoon at all!