Thursday, March 6, 2008

if you were me, you'd be screaming someone shoot me

So now it's going to be a race, Nicholaz versus the Labs. This should If your definition of 'fun' includes the 'we may all DIE' concept...

Also, Mr. Allen asks me (and rightly so, I think)--how is this Steampunk? I don't believe it is, either. Anyone else have any further information?

And these people? Desperately need a distributor for their film. Apparently it's complete now. We need this one released! If Shaun of the Dead, can find release and go worldwide, at the very least a group of gamer geeks needs to find a domestic agent!

In other news, there are times, I swear, June Dion needs a keeper. Or at least a good definition of various forms of attire. For example:


Okay. Flirtatious (at least for mainland; beyond scandalous for Caledon). It's not the worst outfit. At least...above the waist.


Therein lies the problem. There's not an underwear layer for this--I had to quick-hunt down something that would work to take the picture! These are not pants, June! These are chaps! I have yet to meet the woman on the grid so brazen she would wear this outfit as given.

(Oh, don't even bother sending me pictures, I know she's probably out there--and glittering head to toes with bling and blonde hair. I'm just saying, I haven't met her, and with any luck, I won't.)


This, on the other hand, isn't bad...for all that it's mainly strips of patterned leaf-green silks...I can kind of see where she was going (actual Rydia from Final Fantasy pictured below):


...and it's enough of an allusion to allow the comparison.

Still, even with that, it's odd. The bodice is lovely, the sleeves are lovely, the belt--while a trifle huge, and hey, it's always a problem, prim belts are odd to make--looks good...but the underwear layer? Well, in this particular incarnation, it's the Rydia outfit 'pants'? They're...well, at best, half-assed, in a phrase, or to be more precise, 'not well done'. At all.

I know it was a raffle trade write-off. But still.

I mean, look, we all know, Miss Dion must run on some high-power mix of caffeine and jet engine fuel; she's insanely productive and hits more often than she misses, and turns out at least one new outfit per day, on average. That kind of productivity, you just have to stand in awe over, it's not easy.




She's on crack.

Just sayin'.


Seraph Nephilim said...

OMG! You can't just say "alternate history civil war" and *pow*, it's Steampunk(tm)!

You *can*, however, say "Abney Park", followed by "Airship Pirate" and definitely get steampunk. I have fallen in love with this band...and I'm sure my companion will, too:

Seraph Nephilim said...

Airship Pirate by Abney Park -- a clickable link! (Sorry about that!)

Emilly Orr said...

Amazing how three years completely change a band's sound.

They were okay three years ago. Now? They're amazing, they've found their soul. Cool to see.

Thank you!

Seraph Nephilim said...

I'm sure I'd heard the name before, just never really heard (or noted) the band. But I've now gone to their flashsite (I hesitate to call it a "website"), and it's just steampunky beautiful -- do check it out -- and grabbed all the songs I could. And I'll be buying the rest.

<3 <3 <3

Darien Mason said...

*looks at last picture*
I hate when ninjas dress like picnic blankets. Potato salad everywhere!

Emilly Orr said...

No doubt!

And that's an old picture, back when the Hotaru Graveyard Tartan sets just came out.

Even with that, though, though June's become a great deal more streamlined in her silhouettes...she still has oddity and on very frequent occasion.

But yes, plaid ninja? Not a good anthropological advancement.

Edward Pearse, Earl of Primbroke said...

That is a SERIOUS amount of crack.

And I *like* tartan.

Edward Pearse, Earl of Primbroke said...

Oh and thanks for the heads-up that Dead Gentlemen have done another movie.

Emilly Orr said...

On crack-addled designers: yes. She's sweet, she's funny, she's a magnificent talent...but at times, she really needs to lower the dosage.

On the Dead Gentlemen: apparently, that is from a full-length feature film. They keep a) fiddling with it and rescoring the music, and b) are in the hunt for a distributor.

Edward Pearse, Earl of Primbroke said...

I have a copy of their Gamers movie which I thought was fun. Shaun of the Dead had a "name" attached to it so had a better chance at distribution.

And let's face it, kids today probably only know RPGs as stuff their parents used to do :-)

Emilly Orr said...

True, but c'mon, it's not like they want a major deal through New Line or Warner...I mean, we live in a world where Trekkies was not only released, but had a sequel. So c'mon. Weirder things can happen.