Tuesday, July 10, 2007

sometimes it's hard to recognize, love comes as a surprise

Happy Rez Day to me!

More later, but I had to sneak on and sneak in pics of my Rez Day cake:

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Full frontal screaming cake. Comprised of layers of ground bone, graveyard dust and dark chocolate ganache, surmounted with a slice of sod, into which were pressed eight hollow chocolate caskets covered in highly ornate, airbrushed fondant. In the center, a full human half-arm, tibia and fibula, plus the full hand, carefully wired in place, holding a plate. The plate bore a shockingly realistic eye, and the plate dripped with spun sugar blood.

To the right of the cake, a tray of simple chocolate bars, dark and milk; to the left, a tray of blood goblets.

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The cake from the side, showing the delicate little details. Above it--since the cake will remain up until I return from traveling, on Friday--can be seen (at Taiyou) part of a little picture show I put up--me, from first rez to now. It still amuses.

The cake was made by Fawkes Allen, by the way. Start to finish, building, baking and scripting. Yes, he does custom work. Call on him.


turnerBroadcasting said...

And this is the cake that turned Kae Karas into a chocoholic.

The cake. with. a single... lidless eye.

turnerBroadcasting said...

... ah. almost forgot my last gift.
For I am never done with a woman until I have had her three different ways.. and also because you still have not guessed my little riddle. The last gift. Is a song.

Your gifts were a horse.
Money. And now, here is the third.

-=- begin croaking voice -=-
-=- fire up a band of demons -=-
-=- with a sound that goes like this..-=-

If I were a sculpter. .
But, then again. No.

.. or a loremaster ..
who writes poems for the travelling elves.

I know its not much but its the best
I can do. My gift is my song.
and . This ones for you.

I sat on the tower and
burned off the moss

well a few. of these old verses
well they got me quite cross

anyway, the thing is.
what I really mean.

yours was the cutest. lidless. eye.
I've ever seen.

so excuse me forgetting.
if its green. or its blue.
you see I've quite forgotten.
if its me . or its you.

anyway. The thing is.
what Ireally mean.

this was the tastiest eye.
I've ever seen.

and you can tell everybody
this is your saurong

It may be quite simple but
now that i'm done.

I hope you don't mind
that I put down in words

how wonderful life is.
while you're in the world.

so readily you take to my hand.
and so readily you sever the finger.

that wears. the ring.

Quiz! you have thirty seconds.

Q: What is a maia?

Edward Pearse said...


emillyorr said...

Edward, don't help!

And thank you for the (the puns! the PUNS! AIIIGH!) song, and I'll pass along your cake compliments.

You weren't asked to be Saruman, were you?

Eladrienne Laval said...

A belated Happy Rez Day to you! And that is quite the cake!

emillyorr said...

Thank you, Miss Laval!

And yes, yes it was. It whimpered quite perfectly.

turnerBroadcasting said...



Thanks again for a great party.
Sorry we were late. I was just grilled to death by my king. Pretty sure I am not going to be named.

We will see.

turnerBroadcasting said...

G1 edward. You're getting too close. Here. Hold this for a second.

tic tic tic tok tic tok

emillyorr said...


OH, sure, hand a ticking thing to the man with the ticking ARM...and in the presence of the lady who usually ticks of an evening...

...actually, that's not bad camouflage, we might be in trouble.

Amber_Palowakski said...

While the cake is an absolutely incredible build, I am glad I didn't eat any of it!

emillyorr said...


But it was pretty. Oh, and that reminds me--I need to go get that cake out of Taiyou before it slinks off and hides!