Tuesday, July 24, 2007

pick 'em up when they fall

Hovering in limbo. It's not all it's cracked up to be.

And it's making me grumpy on top of everything else. So in the meantime, while I wait...

...more playing Where Am I Now?

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This is just embarrassing. I swear, all I did was stand up, and my legs snapped off at the hip and my hair went away. Funnily enough, I was less upset at the loss of limbs than my hair. Typical, I suppose.

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And in this shot, all I was trying to do was sit down. That's all. In fact, it looks like most of me managed to achieve it. Barring that one recalcitrant leg.

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Then I had to get ready for the Harry Potter dance in Steelhead. (No, I did not win the costume contest. But I had grand fun coming up with the costume.) For this--portraying Nymphadora Tonks--I found appropriate short spiky purple hair, a lovely rosewood wand with jeweled additions on the handle, and I made the robe. I tracked down a pink-tinged skin I had forgotten I owned in my inventory, added to it a pair of glittery pink eyes, and then got dressed--the big studded belt and the combat boots both designed and created by Zoe Llewellyn over at Boneflower, the striped leggings and purple-striped stockings from Ameshin Yossarian at Curious Kitties (they're having a 50 Linden sale right now, you should go look), and the t-shirt was made by Alexandra Rucker. (It says, I never fake sarcasm. If you want one, IM her, I'm sure she has reasonable rates.)

In coming in to Steelhead, I ended up in midair, slowly twisting. I waited five minutes, and realized there was no future in this--snapped the picture and was gone.

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Finally, this is less a what-is-going-on note, than a who-would-do-this note. I was shopping. Shopping requires free movement. Shopping also requires, one would imagine, customers who aren't bound in one place behind magical circles.

So...why on earth would a shopkeeper make his beam-in point the center of a spell ring?

It's a mystery of the universe, I'm sure.

In other news, one of my dear ones led me to the one driven Transformers fan in game currently making his own transforming avatars. Though that was interesting, it's the land just across from his, Craazy's, that's got the cool thing on it. This is the first really interesting use for sculpted prims I've seen--a moving waterfall.

In person? It's even more impressive. Can't remember how to get there, just now, but if you search for Transformers, transforming avatars, something like that...the little shack that could just might come up.

Or give the grid a bit to come back up, fickle world that it is...and I'll be able to track down the SLUrl.


turnerBroadcasting said...

It was cool I was in-world when the grid went down.

It shut down in successive stages all around me. The sim was up.

Somehow I was able to stay in, even though everyone was kicked out.

Search dies. Messaging dies. Must be the XML they're kicking back and forth , databases going down, services going down. IPC going down.

Then... you can't move.

And finally you die.

Fuck. This is depressing.
Emily I wish you weren't always getting so messed up.

Hey speaking of messing people up do you know of a way to put a trasher or a deformation transform into a gift box.

I have a vampire I want to give a gift to...

With respect, and love,


emillyorr said...

Err, no, and yipe, who got on your bad side?

I don't know about depressing, it's just annoying. It's been really, really confusing, too, because while this happened on rare occasion before, it's happening constantly since the new update. Don't know what the new coding did...but at usual, it wasn't good.

turnerBroadcasting said...

a guy who posted a picture of himself abusing some chick in his profile with some missive like "look here at the queen. I am fucking her"

I met with lady myradryl the mermaid once, and she said something almost pensively that stuck with me far too long even to this day

she said "it is now becoming a place of raw and steamy quarters"

guys like that. people who get off bringing their abusive tendencies in-world. if they bring their tendencies in world, then I bring my very cold and scientific tendency to destroy them completely. I will plot revenge for years. I am the worst enemy. Like the IRS I will never forget. Ever.

By the way, do you think winter ventura would know. She got mad at me for trying to ask her to work on a time and materials basis but this looks like something she or her friend can do dont you think.

emillyorr said...

She might well be able to do it, but here's the thing...you didn't offer her a time and materials basis. You told her what you wanted; she quoted you a figure for time, considering it was a thing that you would then be able to use, over and over, modify how you wish, copy into as many different things as you wanted...and you turned her down flat, and offered her some incredibly finite some for the same amount of work.

Get real.

I would say, sure, you can always IM her, with the details, but I'd offer her half up front, at least, and not quibble so very much at what she quotes. Because if you want Winter, you need to realize she *does* have other work, work that *does* go towards paying her rent, and she doesn't have time or inclination to dick around.

Guys mystify me. I never entirely get their motivations, for the most part. Which I suppose is only fair--I hear the same thing, from guys, directed toward me and my gender. We each baffle each other, women and men.

Which again, is only fair--because some times, women baffle the hell out of me, too. :)

turnerBroadcasting said...


go here?

emillyorr said...

Mm, I'm thinking the floating in mysterious locales thing is less a bug than a graphics feature. Because it's happening consistently with the same operations. It may be part and parcel of the update code now...