Friday, July 13, 2007

and even when you look away, I know you think of me

I've been named an honorary Caledonian by one who, if they do not have the power to make such pronouncements, has seized such authority, and has not been challenged on its use. I am treating this as a high honor, actually, because with very few exceptions, the Caledonians I've met have been affable, friendly, committed souls who are joys to interact with.

Do I feel like a Caledonian, honorary or not? Well...not precisely. So much of my life on the grid is tied up with....pursuits that are not precisely Victorian. Dance clubs, competitions, costumes involving a great deal of spandex...not exactly appropriate for Victoria City, you understand. Among others. Besides which, I am still baffled when presented with more than two forks for a meal, and the grand balls held during the social season--while grand indeed--make me oddly uncomfortable. It's lack of familiarity, surely, but also...I think some part of it, if one doesn't understand all the social cues, one misses much more than one knows.

At least, this one does.

And I'm honest about this, at least--I know my history. My father was the youngest son in a tengu family, high above the mountains of the prefecture. My mother was a feral neko with some unusual traits in her bloodline. Together they produced me, neko only partially, human only partially, many many things only part of the time. Put me in high society and honestly, I'm more tempted to crawl under the table and throw bones at the guests.

I do my best, I'm as polite as I know how to be. But it's one reason I stay in Steelhead--or parts further south, on the mainland--because there, when I slip, I'm gently chided at best--and that is if anyone notices at all.

In the meantime...the odd flipping between space, sea and reality continues:

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At least the sunset's pretty?

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You can dimly see the horizon line on this one. Both of these, by the by, were simple sit-on-object, stand-from-sitting view relocations. I'm very nearly used to this now, which is tragically disappointing.

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The only thing all of these incidents share? The fact that I sat down upon, or rose from, an object. It doesn't seem to matter which object, just that I did interact with it in some way. So disheartening...

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And familiarity breeding contempt and all that? I'm already more than tired of the scenery.

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Under the ocean, up in the air, doesn't seem to matter, and seems to be entirely random as to which one I'll get. Oh, and the 0,0,0 bug has ceased today. Now?

All the ocean flips are dropping me to 0,0,1. *Aheh*.

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If nothing is slowly, by virtue of the necessity of choice (it's either learn this lesson or go screamingly insane), teaching me patience.

I suppose it's long overdue...

...and, as usual, we can't have simply flipping, noooo, we must have weirdness, too. Like coming back from a hard crash to find oneself in a different skin entirely:

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And it's not even Linden default skin. It was...some skin I haven't yet seen yet. I'm not even entirely sure it's one that I own....


Darien Mason said...

*squints* Are you turning into one of the aliens??

turnerBroadcasting said...

emillyorr said...

No, Dr. Mason, I'm not an alien. I'm the same as I always was--seven-skin shifter, phouka and succubus, the little neko on an emotional bender.

I've just apparently added in levitation and relocation. Joy for me. :/

Turner--very interesting link. Very interesting link, indeed.

turnerBroadcasting said...

so when are you going to put those two carriage returns at the top of your posting template?

ie 7 first post html runs directlyunder the comments counter.

turnerBroadcasting said...

btw ms orr

the queen of arda has found favor with your chocolate cake.

i was sitting there watching kae make furniture and she happens along so everyone is there eatign chocolate

kae has been eating chocolate for three days

pretty good cake, I'd say.
then again. I am stuck in meatspace right now. I will stay there until the pain goes away.

my blog lives again. not undead, just awake. it happened after I took a bad fall last night. I dont know whyi.

you're in the final three for a scriptwriting job I want to assign.

try posting really clean a few days + good luck.

emillyorr said...

Buh? But Turner, I did...

...I'll check the code again...


turnerBroadcasting said...

ah. ha. in the window it displays properly.

emillyorr said...

Yers, because now I have the window-popping-thingy. :)

Amber_Palowakski said...

Well, I have always considered you a friend of Caledon. Welcome to being an honorary Caledonian! And see my comment to your next post about the sit bug.

emillyorr said...

Thank you, Lady Amber! I shall do my best to uphold...any duties and, err, responsibilities...being an honorary Caledonian imbues in me.

Eladrienne Laval said...

Grand balls make me uncomfortable too, lol...I still have a bit of uncertainty about those sometimes. I also love, love, LOVE your beautiful black dress. As one who wears mostly black and red, good black dresses that make me look "darkly" like that are hard to find. May you leave limbo soon...

emillyorr said...

DG Innovations, I do believe, but I'll check that when next in world. And the skirt flows even better when moving than it looks like it does, there.

Alexandra Rucker said...

Put me in high society and honestly, I'm more tempted to crawl under the table and throw bones at the guests.

Same here - it's why I often just hide in a corner and concentrate on looking presentable without babbling. :)

And yes, dress from DG Innovations. "Scheherazade", I think.

emillyorr said...

Yay Alex!

Yes, DG Innovations, must see if I have that landmark...