Saturday, July 21, 2007

if you can't work this equation then I guess I'll have to show you the door

Of course it's the way of inner daemon? Is a shapeshifter:

I was a rabbit, see. Actually, an elongated hare. least when last daemon was a Great Dane? EEEE! Somebody fix that...

But more notes from Valruna.


Strange things are afoot in the land. The Queen has gone missing, and another risen in her stead. Two of the dragons have vanished, one with clues left behind (the gold), one with no clue and without trace (the black). Still there is no understanding as to why the Dark Knight faction went to war with the village--and, not incidentally, with the single representative of the Unseelie Sidhe in town.

And there is a parchment I cannot touch, sealed with a demon's personal mark, left where my half-Drow once-love will find it.

I'm informed of several things, regarding this parchment. First, that should the once-Raven accept the terms, he will gain a personal servant. As I don't truly believe his draw is to males, just females, I doubt the lad from the Eastern lands will have to test his capacity. Just his endurance when facing hard physical labor--and mayhap torture, depending. Second, that if the Captain agrees, I lose access to the one feeding me, and coincidentally, the one to whom I'm addicted--resulting in a harsh break in the chain, another physical--and emotional, at this point--addiction to rip from my system. Third, though--and more worrying--if the Captain accepts these terms? The demon within the lad from the East will be given the freedom of my succubus.

And this, believe me, I have problems with. I am Sidhe, and demoness within or not, I am not property to be traded at a whim. Let alone whatever accords must be reached with the demonic to achieve certain goals--I am not so easily dispensable. If the demon, let alone my Raven love, think this is going to happen with nary a complaint from me...they both are tragically mistaken.

And they will learn. Neither of them has ever seen me truly fight in their arms. They have little clue and less knowledge to draw upon. I will not accede to this with gladness of heart. I am not coin to be sold, gift to be given or poppet for their plays.

They will learn. And then we will see what happens next.


Darien Mason said...

The fools have no idea what they're up against. None at all..

turnerBroadcasting said...

lore says that once, women were traded like horses and that the identification of women with horses comes at point of this.

i would argue here, not knowing the particulars, that to trade human lives is to deal with a certain sense of volatility not unlike herding cats. where would they come from? Where would they go.

far better to trade in gold than life. Life can only be given, perhaps kept within. But gold can be locked up safe and sound.

Sidhe. Nice image. Apparent the tale draws to a close. I will miss it.

Edward Pearse said...

There. Fixed. Now it's a crow :-)

emillyorr said...

Doctor: they're right. They haven't faced me as an opponent, only as a lover. It should be intriguing indeed to watch how the chessboard changes.

Turner: In RP? I am Sidhe, not human. And Sidhe lives can be bartered, but at the behest of royalty only, and thence only to those Courts that specifically owe the yearly tithe to dark powers. It has not been established that our Court is one of those. The tale is *far* from over.

Edward: Croooow! Yay? :)