Tuesday, May 15, 2018

I keep on having this dream inside the static, I fall outside of myself

"In 2011, Linden Labs changed their policy on age limits in second life, allowing teenagers to join the main grid. The quality of social interaction immediately decreased exponentially."
~~Willow Redstar

Oh, Chop Zuey, you so silly...When I originally made up the bulk of this post, this thing was still at the SENSE event. It's not now, but lo, these many months later...I still kind of want this ludicrous thing.

In the meantime, around the same night I started typing this entry, friends and I got into a discussion about blow-up dolls/RealDolls for some reason. Not the RL ones, but the SL equivalents. So, I went looking.

WowRabbit makes a fitted mesh Rubber Doll avatar. Currently it's L$98.

ThinkKink's tkISO suit (female version; there's also a male version). Both retail for L$999.

How about a full Zentai suit? Comes in a variety of shiny latex colors for L$399.

Lali also has four different "sex doll" avatars, covering the minimum of fetish behavior. This one's the Hanna model, for L$799. (I've blurred the nipples for the blog; if you're rated Adult for Marketplace shopping, you can track down the uncensored vendor photo.)

Naomi's the "ethnic" variant. Same price, L$799.

Miku is the 'Asian' doll, also L$799.

and Lolly, the...err...schoolgirl? Also L$799.

(Continued in part two.)

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