Saturday, May 5, 2018

there is no way to slow down, so either steer or collide

The Social Injustice Warrior makes the...last?... episode on Channel Awesome.

In the meantime, in another group someone was having a bit of trouble...
[12:51] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: a shadow map is being mean and i dont know how to fix it
[12:51] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:

[12:52] Txxx Nxxxxxxxx: has the shadow map got a black background?
[12:52] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes
[12:53] Txxx Nxxxxxxxx: thats the reason, delete the background and save as a png texture
[12:53] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: looks like you need to extend your texture past the edges just a little bit
[12:53] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: don't save as a png, you'll get alpha clash issues
Now, this was the first I'd heard of something like this. I use Gimp for textures, and I always save in .png format, because I thought that eliminated alpha clash issues. That's not true?
[12:54] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: o oo
[12:54] Txxx Nxxxxxxxx: so are we saying save as jpg for mesh texturing?
[12:54] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: i would, yes
[12:55] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: unless you're trying to retain transparency
[12:55] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: that's how i do it
[12:55] Txxx Nxxxxxxxx: ok i've not had issues with png
Nor have I, it's why I'm curious.
[12:56] Txxx Nxxxxxxxx: but know if shadow map has a black background then thats why there is black seams i've had it several times
[12:56] Emilly Orr: I save nearly everything as png for clothing, haven't had an issue...but I also largely don't work in transparent laces. Hmm.
[12:57] Sxx Dxxxxxx: no transparency png, transparent parts tga
[12:57] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thats because the edge of the texture needs to be extended a tiny bit past the seam lines
[12:57] Txxx Nxxxxxxxx: ty for those tips
[12:59] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: if your texture is blended, you will have alpha clash when using png
Ah, okay, this may come down to my not using Gimp the way it's intended to be used. I don't think I've ever 'blended' a texture. I've layered a texture, then either imported it as is, or flattened it to save data space, but...that's about it.
[12:59] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: png for system clothing and appliers is correct
[12:59] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: but i do not recommend it for mesh
[12:59] kxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: why?
Now, while I've never used a texture file for a mesh template that employed a transparent layer--yet--I will say that I have worn mesh templates that have employed transparent layers, and...yeah, there's some alpha issues. That, I have noticed.
[13:00] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: transparency data is built into png files
[13:00] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: jpgs do not
[13:00] kxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but if you flatten a non transparent png then no transparency data
[13:01] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: if the mesh detects transparency, it will blend it
[13:01] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: png transparency data is there whether you use trans in the texture or not
[13:02] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: which means any other alpha that comes in contact with it will create issues, kind of like the old invisiprims did
Right, that's what I've noticed.
[13:02] kxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not if you flatten it
[13:02] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: a png is a png, flattened or not
[13:02] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: you would need to select "none" for the blend
[13:03] Txxx Nxxxxxxxx: is it possible to shorten say a mesh dress if you use transparency on the part you want to hide?
[13:03] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: yes it is
[13:03] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: i do it often
[13:04] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: in that case you would use a png with transparency maintained
[13:04] Txxx Nxxxxxxxx: so use png for that or what?
[13:04] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: yes
[13:04] Txxx Nxxxxxxxx: ok ty
[13:04] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: and choose mask rather than blend so that it doesn't clash with stockings or tattoos
So what I've been noticing are textures made by people who don't know this? Okay. I'll see what I can do with the next textures I create.


Edward Pearse said...

I've never noticed this on clothing textures (though I'm sure we buy from very different clothing creators), but I have noticed the PNG alpha clash on building textures. Walls made with png will often flickr if you're looking through a doorway or something like that. I just save all textures as tga full stop.

Emilly Orr said...

I've noticed it on some clothing templates--dresses that started at mid-thigh, say, that someone added a lace detail to the hem and raised it to make a mini. That lace detail can then 'erase' the stockings I'm wearing under it, unless they too are mesh. So it's expected behavior on buildings, and I still default to .tga for building textures, but for clothing, I've been saving to .png, and I haven't noticed this. But the thing is, I also haven't been working in transparencies, but clothing textures that fill the background.