Sunday, May 27, 2018

is anybody gonna hear you call?

This came from a shopping and freebie group this morning:
[11:10] nxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Good day wonderful princess, beautiful girl and wonderful woman, i am a doormat my avatar is a red carpet. I have rent a wonderful house here in SL, but i not use because i do only a doormat out the door. if you want use house free contact me in IM, i do you owner of house free, you can use with your friends and your boyfriend :)
What. I mean, seriously, what in all the worlds is this? What even is this offer??
[11:11] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Oh god not you again
Kind of my reaction, yeah, save this is the first time I've seen this particular stupidity in this group.
[11:11] Rxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: me?
[11:11] nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ?
[11:11] nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Jxx]
[11:12] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Mr doormat bdsm seeker
Yeah, no, pretty clear she meant the doormat guy, but who knows, that mod could have logged in just after that initial line was posted, so never saw it.
[11:12] nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ? please do not post free house in here for that kind of use ?
[11:12] nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: helloo this is a PG group
While Adult sims are posted, because it's a PG group overall, a mod has to go out, look it over, and approve it for posting. Essentially, this group breaks it down into, it's okay to post boards, sales and lucky chairs for a business if it's on an Adult sim if certain condition are met, namely: it can't be in a mall; it can't be in a store that features nudity or graphic sexual content; it can't be a club.

None of those rules for Adult postings cover Mr. Doormat.
[11:14] Sxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: we're not allowed to have boyfriends, either?
[11:14] Gxxxxxxxx Pxxx: no bf's they messw a girls head
[11:14] nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol no
[11:15] mxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: who needs a boyfriend when we have SL? giggles
[11:15] nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i mean the house post
[11:15] Gxxxxxxxx Pxxx: lol
[11:15] Sxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thats what i meant, too, [Vxxxx] :)
Yeah, be pretty hard to ban significant others for a group in SL. How would one even go about regulating that?
[11:16] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Sxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]!!! LoL boyfriends?? noo noo no koalas hanging on my skirt!! LoL XD
[11:16] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: joking :P
[11:16] nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol no the private bits leave it private :p
[11:16] exxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: boy friends are ew. We only accept cute fashion freebies and gifties and offers - and if they're on adult land, mod approved. Cuz we're a strict fashion pack like that.
[11:17] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: And cause there's a billion other groups for propositioning.
Exactly. There are a thousand, maybe even triple thousand, groups for open propositioning, why do it in a shopping/freebie group? Makes no sense.
[11:17] Axxxxx Dxxxxxxx: But but, my fiancee is in this group :P
[11:18] Pxxxxxxxx Cxxxxx: bfs are helpful like that
[11:18] Vxxxxx Kxxxx: fashionistas
[11:18] Wxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I would rather have shoes than a bf
[11:19] exxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oh mmm ok if bf slap manias, then I guess they're acceptable
[11:19] 0xxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: they buy me things.. so good for somethings
[11:20] exxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: this group is so useful - 6 years in sl and I had never been able to understand what sl boy friends were for - one never stops to learn
[11:21] exxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oh and I could have several, one with each letter and tp them to chairs too?
I suppose, though it seems a waste of good human interaction time. Still, it's a wide world and all that.

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