Thursday, August 24, 2017

it's a crusade to bring you to your knees

And this should be the last of it. The whole series for anyone who may have missed parts of it, to date:

Part the first, wherein a certain resident flies a Confederate flag in defiance of...something.
Part the second, wherein the resident population tries to convince her this is a bad idea.
Part the third, wherein histories are explained and notices are sent.
Part the fourth, wherein even more history is explained, the conversation wanders, and the certain resident begins to realize what she's done.
Part the fifth, wherein a well-known resident decides that she is Leaving SL Forever over the issue.
Part the sixth, wherein the Guv'nah sends out a lengthy notice explaining his reasoning in depth.
Part the seventh, wherein books, films, theme parks and politics are mentioned.

Now you're caught up. You may proceed.
[22:55] Lxxx Sxxxxx: You don't really want to white-wash the bad bits of history, but that doesn't mean I want to play in it.
[22:56] Lxxx Sxxxxx: We have better intrigues.
[22:56] Lxxx Sxxxxx: With blimps.
[22:56] Axxxxxx Gxxxxxx: and tentacles
[22:56] Kxxxxxxx Ixxxxxxxx: lol
[22:56] Lxxx Sxxxxx: And fancy shoes!
[22:56] lxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Bunnehs!
[22:56] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and clockwork
[22:57] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and faeries
[22:57] Kxxxxxxx Ixxxxxxxx: and cookies...
Never forget about the cookies.
[22:57] Lxxx Sxxxxx: And two pairs of goggles for every head.
[22:57] Sxxxxx Hxxxxxxxxxx: Well, as kids, we often had a myopic view of how the world was. And that's what we want to bring back, the world of our innocence.
[22:57] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and the ocasionally really kinky labs with leather tables :)
[22:57] Axxxxxx Gxxxxxx: and pretty glowy rocks that make things float
[22:58] Exxxxxxxx Pxxxxx: Tentacles will offend a whole other group of people.
[22:58] Axxxxxx Gxxxxxx: Catgirls might too, but by Bast, I'm not takin' off my tail. *snerks*
[22:59] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Feed the kluxers to the tentacles, on second thought, nah, that is a culinary ofense, even with good hot sauce :)
[22:59] Axxxxxx Gxxxxxx: (plus I don't think Des is gonna be banning catgirls any time soon. ;-p)
[22:59] Cxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxx cackles
[23:00] Lxxx Sxxxxx: That's unfathomable!
Oh, that was a terrible pun.
[23:00] Kxxxxxxx Ixxxxxxxx: oh almost forgot...hugs da stuffin out of des....smiles
[23:00] Desmond Shang: :) thanks
[23:00] Lxxx Sxxxxx gets smothered in her barnacleness.
[23:01] Kxxxxxxx Ixxxxxxxx: confused people when i changed my name from [kxxx] to [cxxxxx]
[23:01] Wxxxxxxxx Jxxxxxxx: An interesting story here:
[23:01] Wxxxxxxxx Jxxxxxxx: Did that name change happen when you came into dough?
That was terrible, and sadly, it's a play on words that now only makes sense to me and the few detectives who bother to sort out the limited clues.
[23:02] Kxxxxxxx Ixxxxxxxx: lol
[23:02] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: bottom line, is it safe to say that most here back Des?
[23:02] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I say AYE
[23:02] Cxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxx: As do I.
[23:02] Desmond Shang: this was not a happy decision, i see no victory in it whatsoever.
[23:03] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: that';s your chocie des, and I am not beign malicious, however, lI am glsd you did it
Ooof. "Choice", obviously, I think "being" goes without correcting, but "glad" stymied me for a bit.
[23:03] lxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I support Des in this. And thank [Wxxx] for his clarity.
[23:03] Axxxxxx Gxxxxxx: Sometimes tough decisions have to be made in the now to avoid bigger issues down the road.
[23:03] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: because I did not want to look over my shoulkder and wonder who was going to come here and mess thigns up
"Shoulder" was pretty easy to figure out. So was "things".
[23:03] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: or, what [Gxxxxxx] said
[23:03] Kxxxxxxx Ixxxxxxxx: exactly
[23:04] mxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I support Des in this.
[23:04] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and decison kicked down the line tend to catch up
[23:04] Wxxxxxxxx Jxxxxxxx: No victory, but it keeps symbols that are now, with hijacked meaning, definitely inconsistent with civility and tolerance out of Caledon.
[23:05] Dxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I don't believe we should have political signs in Caledon. If we are in Victorian Caledon how/why would we have political signs from the future?
[23:05] Exxxxxxxx Pxxxxx: Time Machines
[23:05] Exxxxxxxx Pxxxxx: We used to have a Time Machine store in Port Caledon
[23:05] Desmond Shang: [Dxxx] for about two years I did have a 'no politics' clause in the covenant, i relaxed it because the topic was coming up and i didn't want to suppress people if there wasn't a reason.
[23:05] Axxxxxx Gxxxxxx: I think it's still around but vortexed to Inworldz
[23:07] Desmond Shang: one other comment, yes you bet there
*are* people who want to role play this or that odious thing. mostly obvious trolls, but also some that are quite serious.
[23:07] Desmond Shang: (that was in general, not to [Dxxx] per se)
[23:09] Dxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thank you
[23:09] Axxxxxx Gxxxxxx: I imagine there are probably Civil War re-enactment folks who would love to do something in a virtual world. But...Linden's pretty much put the nix on it last year sooooo...not sure it'd even be an issue at this point.
[23:09] Desmond Shang: i had one person come by some years ago that appeared as an autistic black man in a wheelchair. there's no fast way to know if it's a troll, or someone who is simply disabled and matching his RL appearance
[23:09] Mxxx Mxxxxxxx: I went to a Civil War region, they had one Conf flag
[23:10] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hell, there is a conti9ngent that is mad at video games, specifly castle woflenstein, because the nqazis are bad guys
"Contingent" barely needs correction, but do you mean "specifically"? And I'm pretty sure you mean "Nazis" also.
[23:10] Exxxxxxxx Pxxxxx: I am not a dark elf in Real Life. Just in case anyone was wondering.
[23:10] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: now,,castle [f*ckign] wolfenstein, one of the oldest games around
[23:10] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and people are mad thatb you fight nazis
[23:10] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ?????
[23:10] lxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I had someone come through Oxbridge. The first time in a wheelchair, the next in massive wheelchair and braces (as on teeth). either a strange fetish or attention seeking. She didn't get much attention, I must say.
[23:10] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I mean, has anyone here NOTn played that game? it has been aiorund since the 80's

[23:11] Exxxxxxxx Pxxxxx: I'm surprised the "sex in video games is sinful" people on the right and the "sex in video games is misogynistic" on the left never really went after SL.
[23:12] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: only because they do not know
[23:12] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and heave hjoppe they do not
Now we're getting into major reinterpretation. "Heaven hope"?

[23:12] Axxxxxx Gxxxxxx: They're too busy having sex in SL
[23:12] Desmond Shang: i really 'get' that honest civil war enactors aren't trying to be evil, or airplane war games are promoting the 3rd reich. the issues i've had, weren't like that
[23:12] lxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: LOL [Axxxxxx]
[23:12] Kxxxxxxx Ixxxxxxxx: when i was wearing my oriental look...i had a guy tell me i should go home.....i asked if he was born in the states.....he said i said then i don't need to go "home" either...
[23:14] Desmond Shang: also, i've had a lot of questions about if my decision was politically motivated. the answer is no. if anyone really wants to know my RL politics I'll say (I'm not democrat or republican).
[23:14] Exxxxxxxx Pxxxxx: That's the great thing about my look. Everyone (but fellow nerds) has no idea what I am :)
[23:16] Kxxxxxxx Ixxxxxxxx: i also get that in rl...half scot...half japanese....been in texas since i was 3 weeks old...
[23:16] Exxxxxxxx Pxxxxx: Green? Libertarian? Whig?
[23:16] Zxxxx Exxxxxxx: Des, your (or our) RL political views are no one else's business IMO. The change in policy is against hate groups/symbols/speech, as it should be.
[23:16] Axxxxxx Gxxxxxx: He's a Purrlaimentarian
[23:16] Kxxxxxxx Ixxxxxxxx: lol
[23:16] Exxxxxxxx Pxxxxx: I bet you have a Texas accent that baffles them
[23:16] Kxxxxxxx Ixxxxxxxx: yes i do...smiles
[23:17] Lxxx Sxxxxx: My accent baffles [Wxxxx] because it isn't "movie Texas" enough.
[23:17] Exxxxxxxx Pxxxxx: No one talks like that outside of Movie Texas
[23:17] Lxxx Sxxxxx: She's learning that. But it still gives her giggles when I "y'all"
[23:17] Desmond Shang: this may be hard to believe, but i was a republican for about ... 28? years. mainly for economic reasons. went independent after the gop voted to bail out the banks. i saw it as a betrayal. didn't vote for any major pres candidate.
[23:18] Axxxxxx Gxxxxxx slips from Dixie Carter southern into all out Ozark hillbilly if I'm drunk enough.
[23:18] Exxxxxxxx Pxxxxx: The banks should have been have been broken up as a condition of being bailed out.
I tend to agree. I was raised in the midst of Republicans, so as usual in those situations, I'm a Democrat (or Independent, depending on how frustrated I am with the Dem leadership in any given year), but the last thing the banks needed was full permission to go out and make the same mistakes again. That should have been disallowed at the start.
[23:19] Desmond Shang: i'm too right wing for democrats to love me, but so far left now that the republicans wouldn't want me either. i see them both as 'big money' parties spending us into oblivion and will vote for anyone sane. which has been hard to do lately.
[23:19] Axxxxxx Gxxxxxx: amen
[23:19] Kxxxxxxx Ixxxxxxxx: also lived in north caroline when i was young and picked up a bit of a hillbilly
[23:20] Rxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Just be you Des ;)
[23:20] Exxxxxxxx Pxxxxx: I read in California, Republicans don't even show up on the ballot in many statewide elections.
[23:20] Zxxxx Exxxxxxx: That's not true at all
I'm not even sure where one would get that idea.

[23:21] Desmond Shang: i've never really thought twice about the american south and its politics.
[23:21] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: said it on Friday, Des, totally with you on the ConFed flag issue
[23:21] Lxxx Sxxxxx has seen proof that the south doesn't think twice about it either.
[23:21] Lxxx Sxxxxx: Sometimes it's hard to get the first think.
Desmond Shang: shame it had to blow up like this. but as bad as this is, it would have been 1000 times worse.
[23:22] Desmond Shang: incidentally the person i consulted about the confederate flag knows what SL is, but doesn't play. they had no dog in this hunt.
[23:24] Desmond Shang: alright it seems we are pretty much talked out on this, is that fair to say, for tonight?
[23:24] Exxxxxxxx Pxxxxx: The "confederate flag" everyone thinks about wasn't even the actual Confederate Flag.
[23:24] Mxxx Mxxxxxxx: The election are top two voter getters, so after a primary the Rep can be toast for the general
[23:24] Exxxxxxxx Pxxxxx: Louisiana does that too.
[23:24] hxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxxx: Do I get tea with my toast?
Desmond Shang: tea is in the harbour
[23:24] Mxxx Mxxxxxxx: or a mimosa
[23:25] Lxxx Sxxxxx: Someone needs to rez tea crates under Sky City.
[23:25] Mxxx Mxxxxxxx: on my way ;p
Okay, next time I'm in I must heck for floating tea crates underneath Steam SkyCity.
[23:25] Lxxx Sxxxxx: "But Des said so!"
[23:26] Kxxxxxx Hxxxxxxxx:
[23:26] Exxxxxxxx Pxxxxx: You might appreciate this cartoon, Governor:
[23:26] Exxxxxxxx Pxxxxx:
Desmond Shang: indeed
[23:26] Lxxx Sxxxxx has a kettle and makes coffee with it.
Desmond Shang: oh one last thing ~ i'm going to log in a moment, screaming headache RL here, but just this
[23:28] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx is a Brit, has a kettle... NEVER, ever, ever makes tea... filthy stuff
[23:28] Kxxxxxxx Ixxxxxxxx: makes tea in the coffee maker and when it died i made coffee in the hot tea maker....grins
You gotta use what you have, I guess.
[23:28] Desmond Shang: some people are NOT pleased with the decision and have decided to go with 'state' flags here to celebrate pride in their RL state
[23:28] Desmond Shang: i don't have any issue with state flags.
[23:28] Desmond Shang: even if they look sorta similar.
[23:29] Emilly Orr nods.
[23:29] Emilly Orr: I'm honestly surprised we have people making an issue of this. It just seems like common sense to me.
[23:29] Wxxxxxxxx Jxxxxxxx: Hmmm State flags, like Mondrago, or Babbage, or New Toulouse, or ....
[23:29] Exxxxxxxx Pxxxxx: If I was going to fly a non-Caledon flag here, I would probably fly the Texas flag myself.
[23:29] Kxxxxxx Hxxxxxxxx: Best flag:!/fileImage/httpImage/image.png_gen/derivatives/16x9_1180/flag-of-british-columbia-was-adopted-in-1960.png
Desmond Shang: like georgia state flag or whatever.

[23:30] Cxxxxxx Fxxxxxxx: May I say something, I'm a born raised Mississippian, born in 1960 one hundred year after the start of the war. I flew the flag most of my life because it was still a sense of country. the Confederacy. But I won't today it is no longer a symbol of a country but of a movement. When the war came the Confederacy was not all about slavery it centered on states rights. the right of the states to govern themselves without the federal government controlling or interferring. Well the slavery issue was more emotional so it took center stage, which is fine. Slavery was already about to be on it's way out thanks to john Deere who started in 1837 inventing the things to replace humans. Today it is no doubt the stars and bars are seen by many as a symbol of hate, but let us not forget it is a flag of a country that was conquered. Above all I am an American, a citizen of the Untied States and I served in it's Navy for 13 years. I served beside blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and good ol mutts.
[23:30] Cxxxxxx Fxxxxxxx: If I happen to have a Confederate flag show some time well excuse me but I can tell you it's a sense of what once was a country my state was a part of and certainly not hate as I have rubbed shoulders with all kinds and we did our jobs during Desert Shield / Storm. And yes [Exxxxxxxx] the flag people think is the Confederate flag is actually a battle flag.
That was wordy, but accurate. 
[23:31] Emilly Orr: That is a lovely flag, the British Columbia one.
[23:31] mxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: It certainly is
[23:32] Dxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it is the Confederate Battle Flag
Desmond Shang: i was aware of the whole 'there are different flags' thing but it's hard to make a concise statement while dealing with all this, i knowingly left it out
[23:34] Emilly Orr:
[23:34] Emilly Orr: But Des is banning all of them.
Desmond Shang: basically, yes. I'm not shying away from that.
[23:36] Emilly Orr nods.
And I really do think while it may hurt now, to lose friends who disagree, it's something that needs doing.
[23:36] Emilly Orr: Allow one, it can be argued that others should be allowed. This is a blanket ban.
[23:36] Desmond Shang: what clinched it for me was the cornerstone speech, as described. when the vp of the confederacy states what the confederacy's cornerstone is, i take him for his word. that did it.
[23:36] Wxxxxxxxx Jxxxxxxx: Des, any symbol that becomes identified with a hate group, whose meaning has been hijacked by such a group, simply doesn't belong here.
[23:36] Desmond Shang: and, that too.
[23:37] hxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I may keep my Union Jack?
[23:37] Exxxxxxxx Pxxxxx: If the Klan and neo-Nazi groups were smart they would fly the American flag exclusively. But they would probably not be in Klan and neo-Nazi groups if they were smart.
[23:38] Desmond Shang: well, funny you should say that. there's a situation where I had a really ugly issue with that one too (union flag). I'll explain
[23:38] Dxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: They do not have American values
[23:39] Cxxxxxx Fxxxxxxx: He'll need the Union jack to change a tire

[23:39] Desmond Shang: there are some colonial scenarios where flying a union flag over... a really ugly scene is... just, no.
[23:39] Mxxx Mxxxxxxx: so no union jack?
[23:39] Desmond Shang: i don't think anyone's using it to grief here.
[23:40] hxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Only to grief you colonials leaving the mother empire :)
[23:40] Kxxxxxx Hxxxxxxxx: I was thinking of putting a Union Jack up and reporting it as a Confederate Battle flag to see how many suckers I drew in. That's kinda griefing.
[23:40] Cxxxxxx Fxxxxxxx: uh Des not US union as in Yankees but the British flag which is displayed on their ships
[23:41] Desmond Shang: yes i get that. union jack is the ship flag. 'jack' signifies naval as I recall right?
[23:41] Desmond Shang: union jack should only be navy, it's not 'the' flag
[23:42] Rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Wxxx: not correct Des common idea but misplaced
[23:42] Rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Wxxx:
[23:42] Desmond Shang: hmm. looks
[23:43] Mxxx Mxxxxxxx: have Hello Kitty flag
[23:43] Cxxxxxx Fxxxxxxx: dear dear Des
[23:43] Lxxx Sxxxxx: I'm just glad it's okay to paint that on top of a Mini Cooper.
[23:43] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: we call our flag the union jack, the red/white ensign is the ship flag
[23:43] Cxxxxxx Fxxxxxxx: It IS the flag of Brtian! 
Or "Britain".
[23:43] Desmond Shang: interesting
[23:44] hxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: GREAT Britian if you please :)
Okay, "GREAT Britain".

[23:44] Desmond Shang: well it's the combo of what, the george cross, the scot saltire and the fitzgerald cross
[23:44] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but in the UK we have same issue you have with the ConFed flag with our Flag of St George, the flag of England, which has been hijacked in the same way
[23:44] Cxxxxxx Fxxxxxxx: Yes Proper name is Great Britian sorry general
Nope, still "Great Britain".

[23:44] Rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Wxxx: yeaa white ensign Royal Navy Red ensign merchant navy
[23:45] Exxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx: A jack is a national (originally naval) flag flown from a short jackstaff at the bow of a vessel, while the ensign is flown on the stern
[23:45] hxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Quite alright [Cxxxxxx] :)
Desmond Shang: i wonder what happens to it if scotland separates. do they lose the blue?
[23:45] Lxxx Sxxxxx has driven by a house in England flying the Texas flag, and is not sure how to take it.
[23:45] Exxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx: what about the cross of St Patrick?
[23:45] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: there was talk about that detail, but it never happened
[23:46] Wxxxxxxxx Jxxxxxxx Thought about flying Harold Godwinson's flag, simply because it was another lost war.
[23:46] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Lxxx], was it in East Anglea?
Desmond Shang: i thought that was the fitzgerald part, i may be wrrong
23:46] Rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Wxxx: All getting a bit Sheldon Cooper (。◕‿◕。)Lawl(。◕‿◕。)
Desmond Shang: also there is no welsh dragon on it
[23:46] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: 'cos Wales is a principality not a country
Is that true?
[23:46] Lxxx Sxxxxx: It was ... I can't remember the villlage. Northwest of London.
[23:46] Mxxx Mxxxxxxx: doesn't that mean Fergie is at home with the toe guy?
[23:47] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not north east... just a lot of US airbase to the north east... and US service retirees
[23:47] Exxxxxxxx Pxxxxx: Off to bed. Goodnight everyone.
Desmond Shang: sleep well
[23:47] Lxxx Sxxxxx waves
[23:47] Rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Wxxx: .:・.。❀❀ !Ɲίtє Ɲίtє! ❀❀。.・:.
Desmond Shang: ok i left a
LOT of land stuff undone but i'll try to get back in here tomorrow or next day. splitting headache from all this stuff. begs everyone please to get along, i'm not that graceful with dealing with stuff these days.
[23:50] Desmond Shang: good night all.
[23:50] hxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Personally (in RL) I thought flags were symbols of tribalism (yes very obvious). Should get rid of them all. No flags, no arm patches etc
[23:50] Mxxx Mxxxxxxx: night
[23:50] hxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Night Des
[23:50] Kxxxxxxx Ixxxxxxxx: get some rest des...hugs....
[23:50] Lxxx Sxxxxx demands rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty
[23:50] Rxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Sweet Dreams, sleep well ;)
[23:51] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: bye Des
[23:51] Cxxxxxx Fxxxxxxx: he's gone
[23:51] Lxxx Sxxxxx loses her barnacle-like grip.

And that seems to, at last, be that. Will Caledon have more departures over this? Who knows? Why we've had departures over this already is baffling enough. All I know is, the rule of the land is still the rule of the land: Courtesy, respect, tolerance, are key, but above all the rest is TOLERANCE. Ad aeternum, ad infinitum.

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