Monday, August 21, 2017

can't sleep, can't breathe, you met your enemy

And this was sent yesterday by Autopilotpatty Poppy:
August 20, 2017

Dear Friends and Family,

I have been a member of the Caledon community since December of 2005. In all of my time here I have enjoyed the acceptance and diversity this community has afforded all of us. I have been a loyal and decent resident. I've been one of the most sincere and loyal ambassadors of Caledon and can proudly say that I've influenced a great number of wonderful people who now call this community their home.

One of the most important parts of this community has been its acceptance of diversity among it's citizens. We have never been politically charged and, in fact, I have never allowed political discussions on my parcels in Caledon.

We have enjoyed and prided ourselves of being a diverse community for religion, sexual orientation, furries, rabbits, werewolves, dragons, mermaids, steampunk cowboys, burlesque dancers, fae and skins of many colors along with any number of other fantasies by it's citizens.

Unfortunately my time and involvement in this community is now coming to a close. My leaving is due to the sudden change of Caledon's Covenant on the 17th of August involving the removing of all Confederate Flags, a decision that was made based on a RL occurrence. No one disputes the fact that this Rl event was a RL tragedy, but this event has led to a decision to simply force personal politics on to residents in SL. This decision was either unilaterally made or at best, made by a select few Caledonians with no input from the entire community. RL politics should NOT affect us in Caledon and certainly should not affect us based on one person's real life political views. As a community we should have a say with major decisions. We have not been afforded that opportunity.

This isn't about the flag, it's about dividing the community. It's already started!

It is understood that there is no requirement by the Estate Owner to obtain community input. However, decisions of this nature greatly affect everyone who lives in Caledon and pays tier.

Mine and Blake's land in Caledon II is now empty and available. There are 10 days or so left on the tier meter and those tier dollars will be moved to the new parcel renter.

All of our events on the Caledon and AC Calendars have been removed. If you want to stay informed of our future events just stay in or join the Gibraltar Village group.

This covenant change is just unacceptable for many reasons!

Patty Poppy
Knight of Caledon

This makes me weep!
This just makes me confused. Why is this one racist symbol the hill that so many want to die on?

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