Monday, August 14, 2017

I rode a lion to town, use a rattlesnake whip

(This poster of Olivia Wilde was drawn by Shephard Fairey for the ACLU fundraising campaign of the same name.)

Ran across this image and the following passage, reproduced below, on someone's profile.
"Most Americans want a great, kind and strong democracy. We got lazy - we got fussy. Not enough voted. Not enough acted.

"Get active. Pick any good cause, this is one of mine. Planned Parenthood. Or send some candy hearts to the Badlands National Park Service! Anything, small or large. Get together and organize!

"A catastrophe for America and the world is unfolding and we must stop it. Get in with love, and get to work.

And look, cynicism as a response to everything is an immature person's idea of sophistication, and a small-minded habit of otherwise smart people. It's cheap. It's easy. It's BORING. It demoralizes the people we most need. Hawk that dollar store plastic cutlery set elsewhere."

I felt it needed to be said. I'll also add this, and urge anyone who has the funds and a desire to help to send help - financial preferred, but even notes of support are tangible things--to one or more of the organizations listed in that article, to help the affected in Charlottesville.

Fight against the darkness. There are things you can do. Do them.

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