Wednesday, May 31, 2017

she has hairy legs, and she eats raw meat

OH, man. This is the weirdest thing that's happened in a while. So, there's an event called Kink(y) Monthly, and usually, there's a lot of interesting Adult-themed items--common features are lingerie, collars, leashes, spanking get the idea. It's occasionally laggy, because many folks (I'm ashamed to admit, I'm among them) go in full mesh with scripted HUDS on, and y'know, that increases the lag at busy shopping events.

There are many ways to deal with this problem. The most common include lowering your graphics settings, or setting everyone but you to impostor status. Recently, there's been a couple advancements, including jellydolls (Firestorm allows you to set how complex the avatars you're trying to render are), friends only (another Firestorm setting which renders only people on your friendslist), and derendering all avatars temporarily. While some of these are less well known, they are all useful techniques for events with lots of active scripts, vendors, and people.

Now, by the time this occurred, I had left due to lag. I'd seen all the offerings, picked up a few demos for outfits to try on later, and poofed away to a far less laggier locale. But my friends stayed, and...that's when this happened:
[23:39] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: fawkes you better get the [f*ck] away from me
[23:39] Fawkes Allen: I can't even see you! I have Avatars disabled due to lag
[23:39] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i will harass you if you keep bumping me
Keep in mind, this is not in IM. She is saying this IN OPEN CHAT.
[23:40] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I don't giva [shh*t]
[23:40] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: poof away, nothing here for you
[23:40] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: You are here just to bother others
[23:40]Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: so just log off or tp out
[23:40] Fawkes Allen: I am here to shop, same as you.
The arrogant assumptions in her statements are galling. Mm. Allen, due to having derendered everyone, had, near as we can figure, bumped this aggressive little trash fire ONCE. After that SINGLE bump--to which all that was really required was "Hey! Don't bump me!" followed by an apology from Mm. Allen--she made it her mission in life to ruin everyones' night.
[23:40] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Oh yeah? Shopping for female panties you idiot?
[23:41] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you are standing in the wrong spot
Yeah,'s known that Mm. Allen--and many others in SL--are genderfluid. Sometimes he's male, sometime's she's female, sometimes it's a robot--because Mm. Allen frequently roleplays in various communities. Shopping for panties is not at all uncommon, but more than that, what's wrong with any male-identified avatar shopping for lingerie? They could have a wife, a girlfriend, a mistress. Maybe they're shopping for a friend who can't make the event. Maybe there's a birthday or anniversary coming up, and they're wondering if their partner(s) or friend(s) would like something like it. Or maybe, just maybe, they want to wear it themselves.
[23:41] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I saw you bumping everyone here and standing on that girl's head
The phrase "standing on that girl's head" is especially telling here. I won't lie, we often shop in a clump, and when we do, we generally select one person to port us places. Which she does by standing in place and sending out ports. This often results in us arriving before the last person has moved off the port point, so it's not at all uncommon that we will--briefly--find ourselves standing on someone's head.

But--and this is key--this happens in general outside the venues, or if inside, to the side of where the most people might aggregate. This tells me that this rampaging loony was considering Mm. Allen bumping us while getting untangled from the teleport clump as "bumping everyone here".

Thanks for being offended on our behalf, you knuckle-dragging Visigoth, but really, we're fine. Ask first before assuming someone else is completely in the wrong.
[23:41] Fawkes Allen: Yes? Beyond the fact I have multiple characters, It's nice to see what might be interesting to suggest to people I know.
[23:41] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: So go [F*CK] YOURSELF
[23:41] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: You are not that clever lol
[23:41] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: leave
[23:42] Fawkes Allen: No, now stop being so rude, I'll stand still if that'll make you happier and Cam
[23:42] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok,
And then she did--something--which shotput Fawkes out of the building and near the edge of the sim. After Mm. Allen flew back, confused, the conversation continued. Again, IN MAIN CHAT:
[23:44] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you want more?
[23:45] Fawkes Allen: You're the one Griefing me?
[23:45] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Yeah so?
Open admission of griefing tactics used on another SL avatar in main chat. Abuse reports began to be filed. From IMs in a group conference we were using:
[23:46] Fawkes Allen: Assault or Harassment?
[23:47] Fawkes Allen: What's the category for Griefing?
[23:47] Axxxxxxxx Axxxxx: Hmm, I don't know actually, I've never reported anyone before, I thought Griefing was it's own thing
[23:48] Emilly Orr: Assault.
[23:48] Emilly Orr: Bumping, pushing, or shoving someone--deliberately--in a safe area
[23:49] Axxxxxxxx Axxxxx: Yah, I'm glad I walked over, this is great
[23:50] Axxxxxxxx Axxxxx: Wish I had popcorn
[23:50] Emilly Orr: It went on?
[23:50] Emilly Orr: Oh dear gods, she's saying all this in OPEN CHAT??
[23:50] Axxxxxxxx Axxxxx: It's still going, and yep
Another friend had walked over at this point, trying to keep the peace.
[23:47] Txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: You're not making any sense, [Jxxx]. He's clearly just trying to shop like the rest of us.
[23:47] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Shut up idiot, no one is talking to you
[23:47] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: what are you his alt?
[23:47] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [f*ck] off
[23:47] Txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: What a pleasant personality.
Yeah, really. And apparently she's proud of being her objectionable little self:
[23:47] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Yeah, I am not so shut the [f*ck] up ok?
[23:47] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: No one is talking or dealing with you
[23:48] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i am talking to fawkes not you
[23:48] Txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: And did he get to choose to talk to you or not?
[23:48] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: You want to suck his lil [d*ck] go right ahead, but I am not talking to you at all
[23:48] Txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Why would you get to choose who to talk to at will, but other people don't get to choose to talk to you if they want to?
[23:48] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: He bumped me and everyone else if you have to know lol
Yeah, at this point I'm calling shenanigans on this assertion. I know I wasn't there, personally, but I have verification of three other people who were there with Mm. Allen, and they saw him bump her once, period. Once. Only.
[23:48] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Ok you are his alt I get it
[23:48] Txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: This is a lagfest.
[23:49] Txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Lotsa people will bump into people.
As is the nature of many large shopping events. Decent people apologize when we can--when we catch it--and if not, for most people, it's a momentary flare of irritation, and then, guess what, they go on with their day. Like rational adults do. Instead of spoiled children, like Ms. [Jxxx] here:
[23:49] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: fawkes, your computer is getting hot isn't it with 2 avatars?
[23:49] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol
[23:49] Txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: It's not like we get physically hurt by it.
[23:49] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: at least make a real "woman" as an alt ffs
[23:49] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not a monkey
I don't understand the "monkey" thing at all. [Txxxxxxxx] is an elemental female, with ears that are roughly cat-shaped, and a tail made of bubbles. She is alternately composed of water, earth, air or lava, depending on her mood. How does that equate to "monkey"?
[23:50] Txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I'm nobody's alt. I am his friend though. See, people with decent personalities get to have friends.
[23:50] Txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: It's kind've a neat perk.
[23:51] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: blah blah blah......take ur monkey tail and your friend elsewhere then
[23:51] Txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: No.
[23:51] Txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: We're shopping.
[23:51] Txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Which I'm gonna get back to doing now.
[23:51] Txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Cheers!
And when this particular elemental decides to walk away from a peacekeeping effort, you have definitely done something wrong, because she's just about the calmest, most peaceful person I know.
[23:51] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok
[23:51] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: "sheds a tear"
Normally--or at least, these days--I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she had a bad day. Maybe she's under a lot of work or relationship stress. But all that changed when I pulled up her profile.

Turns out she's all of five months old. This is her SL bio:
All I gotta say is play cool with me and we'll be cool! Be a [f*cking] bitch and I will be a bigger [f*cking] bitch....;)...test me! I will own you, so back the [f*ck] off unless you're willing to look stupid ;)
Ooookay. Though I'm fairly sure the only one looking stupid here is her.

Her first life bio?
Only people with a "need to know" criteria will know, otherwise all you need to know is that I don't know what to tell ya!
So she's not smart enough to come up with a bio, she's barely smart enough to spell simple words in main chat at a highly populated event, and she has no picks.

What a total waste of oxygen.

But that wasn't the end of things. She was still ranting, only now, she'd moved to IMing Mm. Allen directly:
[00:04] [00:04] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: so that's ur alt?
[00:04] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: monkey tailed chick lol
[00:04] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: that is the best you got for me?
[00:04] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: A noobish looking avatar talking big in local?
What's "talking big" in local? Seriously, I want to know how trying to mediate equates to a threatening gesture. Does she view any form of conversation as verbal assault?
[00:05] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: That is the best you got?
[00:05] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: 3713 days and that is the best you got for me huh?
[00:05] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: You do need better friends you know? Lol
[00:05] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: That [sh*t] is no help to you lol
[00:06] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I can help her look half way decent if you need, let me know lol
[00:06] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: As of now, she looks like death lol
Given the choice between my friend's elemental structure, which is original and fascinating, and Ms. [Jxxx]'s spraddle hips, spray-tanned skin, and a thigh gap you could drive a tank through...well, I know which one I'd pick for fashion advice.
[00:06] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I mean wtf is with the tail and the ears? Lol
[00:06] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Is she a monkey?
[00:07] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: tell her to go get a body, a head, and a skin
[00:07] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and get rid of that tail shit deal lol
She's never seen any neko on the grid? She's associated solely with humans her entire five months of experience?

Oh, who am I kidding, she probably has. Probably has no idea that the grid is larger than her filth-filled head.
[00:08] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I won't tell ehr that so I won't be too rude
No, of course not, because you're respectful of other avatars' feelings. Cue my massive, nigh crushing sensation of disbelief.
[00:08] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but you know better with all the years you got here
[00:08] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: And next time you want to come and [f*ck] around with people, make sure you look at the avatars and read their profiles ok?
[00:09] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Some of us know a lot actually
Some people, sure. Not you, clearly. You're stone-stick stupid, and it looks like you won't be improving any time soon.
[00:14] Fawkes Allen: I do like her 'I don't want to be rude'
[00:14] Fawkes Allen:
Yeah. Because she passed rude a long time back.
[00:15] Txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Yeah, do not engage with toxic personalities, generally.
Yeah. Ever. It never turns out well.
[00:16] Axxxxxxxx Axxxxx: Honestly, I don't think she would care, it didn't really seem like she was reading what you were saying
[00:18] Axxxxxxxx Axxxxx: People like her are why I hate people
[00:19] Emilly Orr nodnods
[00:20] Axxxxxxxx Axxxxx: Ah well, at least her stupidity was hilarious

And saved. More than willing on this one, to give the name to anyone who asks. Just in case y'all want to ban the stupid from your lands or events. I know I'm preemptively banning her from any lands that I own.

And after that lovely bit of strangeness, have some religious nightmare fuel. I don't even. Also, I don't want to be glared at by a robot in diamond-plate armor speaking about God. Thanks, but no.

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