Thursday, May 25, 2017

you have no scars on your face, and you cannot handle pressure

Huh. So tonight's moment of brainlessness comes from a weekly event shopping group.
[22:15] cxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: where is the url for this place
[22:16] Nxxxx Bxxxxxxxx: [The sale] takes place at the mainstores of its participants. a notecard with their LMs is in the notices
[22:16] cxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: cant find the tp for the place
[22:16] cxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: anyone has it?
[22:16] cxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lm
Are you not listening? It's not one place, it's a whole bunch of places.
[22:16] Nxxxx Bxxxxxxxx: [The sale] takes place at the mainstores of its participants. a notecard with their LMs is in the notices
[22:17] cxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: why cant someone just send the lm
[22:17] Axxxxx Cxxxxxx: Because there is not just ONE LM.
[22:17] Nxxxx Bxxxxxxxx: please read what i have said, there is not one central LM
[22:17] Axxxxx Cxxxxxx: [Nxxxx] has answered you twice.
[22:17] Emilly Orr: Serious. You gotta go to all the individual shops.
[22:17] exxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: dense
Very. Simple question asked, sure, but simple question answered more than once, is she just ignoring people?
[22:17] cxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ir shows [the sales] group with 33,000 members
[22:17] cxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you must be dense
Look again, sweetheart, we're not the ones not listening.
[22:17] Emilly Orr: That's okay, she asks again, [Nxxxx] will just light her on fire.
[22:17] Nxxxx Bxxxxxxxx: i do not light people on fire
[22:18] Emilly Orr: No? Awwww.
[22:18] Axxxxx Cxxxxxx: Not often.
Aww. Does that mean she doesn't nail people to wood anymore, either? So sad.
[22:18] cxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: why are you all so bitchy
[22:18] sxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Cxxxxx], it's a store hop event.
[22:18] cxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: war nice lothes and act so stupid
[22:18] exxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: see my point :P
[22:18] cxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: bye
[22:18] Emilly Orr: Oh, honey. This is not bitchy.
[22:18] Nxxxx Bxxxxxxxx: bye
[22:18] Cxx Sxxxxxxxxx: wow.
Yeah, really. So sorry we don't meet your high standards, even though we "war" nice "lothes"...I can't even.
[22:18] mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Is Reign's item out yet?
[22:18] Emilly Orr: For some nights, this is polite.
[22:18] sxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: anyone have the blog to preview items? forgot what it was
[22:19] Nxxxx Bxxxxxxxx:
[22:19] sxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ty
[22:19] Nxxxx Bxxxxxxxx: but their new post won't be out till after midnight slt
[22:19] Emilly Orr: Well, Seraphim previews, but usually, not until midnight
[22:19] exxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I went to Reign, but the items is set to 200l, I wonder if tomorrow will be 50
[22:19] sxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oh i know that, i forgot to bookmark it lol
[22:20] Nxxxx Bxxxxxxxx: [cxxxxx] would like you all to know that i am a freak looking person lol
[22:20] Axxxxx Cxxxxxx: the best kind of freak. <3 b="">
[22:20] Nxxxx Bxxxxxxxx: guess she wasn't happy with the ban hammer to the face
[22:20] Axxxxx Cxxxxxx: LOL!
[22:20] Axxxxx Cxxxxxx: it's not a thursday night until someone gets banned.
[22:22] Nxxxx Bxxxxxxxx: i want another one to message my partner lol
[22:22] exxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: to dense to read what you said twice :P

Then, not even a minute after that had happened...
[22:23] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: anybody looking to buy mainland 4096 1401 prim by the water
[22:23] Axxxxx Cxxxxxx: please do not advertise, [lxxxxx].
[22:23] Nxxxx Bxxxxxxxx: please don't advertise in this group
[22:23] Nxxxx Bxxxxxxxx: oops double moderated
[22:23] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok
[22:25] Nxxxx Bxxxxxxxx: there is a pretty awesome group for land sales though.. i think its still around, called land buyers and sellers.
Not sure if that's the group she meant, but that's the group I found, so that's the group I'm linking.

[22:26] pxxxx Vxxxx: Hello...Can anyone recall the name of the 7prim skybox that was sold a couple of weeks ago? :)
[22:26] Nxxxx Bxxxxxxxx: oh! i have that
[22:26] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: really
[22:26] pxxxx Vxxxx: I wanted to use is for something but for the life if me...forget what it was called lol
[22:27] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you are selling advertising
[22:27] Nxxxx Bxxxxxxxx: do what?
Say what now?
[22:27] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: this is not a rent land this land that will be yours
[22:28] Nxxxx Bxxxxxxxx: i think you're chatting in the wrong box [lxxxxx]
[22:28] Sxxxxx Mxxxxxxx: [Lxxxxx].........
[22:28] Sxxxxx Mxxxxxxx: wow
[22:28] Cxx Sxxxxxxxxx: is it clueless night in [the group]?
I'm beginning to wonder.
[22:28] Nxxxx Bxxxxxxxx: nah box mixups happen
[22:28] Mxxxxx Vxxxxxx: I'm always clueless
[22:28] pxxxx Vxxxx: Im clueless also
[22:29] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: 7431 lindens
[22:29] Sxxxxx Mxxxxxxx: gotta wonder how some people dont constantly hurt themselves
[22:29] exxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ban please
[22:29] Nxxxx Bxxxxxxxx: [pxxxx] that skybox was called [TMK] skyroom
[22:29] Axxxxx Cxxxxxx: [lxxxxx], you're chatting in the wrong group.
[22:29] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok, sorry
[22:29] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: wrong window
[22:30] pxxxx Vxxxx: Your the best!!!! Thank-you so much, [Nxxxx] :)
[22:30] Nxxxx Bxxxxxxxx: my hoarder inventory says you're welcome
[22:30] Nxxxx Bxxxxxxxx: it also says please clean me please... she never-
[22:30] Nxxxx Bxxxxxxxx coughs
[22:30] pxxxx Vxxxx: laughs
[22:30] Pxxxxxxx Kxxxxx: lol
So what's the takeaway from all this? Don't be stupid, stupid. Basically. Or listen when people tell you things. One of those.

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