Monday, May 1, 2017

what are you waiting for?

New month, more tales of abandonment....eventually I'll work this blog back into my daily round of coffee, collation and SLife.

In the meantime...Steelhead is coming back? Well...sort of. It will only be one sim to start, and won't be for a few months. But it sounds promising.

In a similar vein of nostalgic return, Armada Breakaway may be returning...not under the same ownership, and I can't say much more than that currently, as it's not being openly advertised. But there is a builder--who never saw or experienced the original set of sims--working on bringing the writings of China Miéville back to the grid. And from what I've seen so far, it feels, startlingly, like the Armada build already. I wish him the greatest of luck and hope to see more as it develops.

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