Friday, May 5, 2017

a tale of several mesh heads (part one)

Heard from a friend about a steampunk coffeshop in Cape Town, South Africa. It's called Truth. They use an Edwardian-era coffee roaster in a Victorian-era warehouse, with much of the original pipe work for the business preserved. They roast their own coffee beans daily. If anyone's near Cape Town, or plans to be, do check them out. They sound wonderful.

In the meantime, the rest of this entry is the story of my ongoing, (mostly) fruitless search for a mesh head to go with the Maitreya mesh body. The Maitreya is mostly functional (there are still some alpha cuts that could be divided further for better adaptability), and in general, I've been happy with it.

The same cannot be said for mesh heads, from anyone.

So, this is my basic look these days. The lipstick changes, but in general, the skin, eyes, hair and face doesn't. (This is weird for me, I'm still getting used to it.) But there is a pretty clear demarcation line between where my system head ends, and where the Maitreya mesh begins. I have a couple chokers I like that I wear, but most of the time I just grit my teeth and accept there's going to be a line.

Still, friends of mine were talking about Lightstar mesh heads. I was, as with any mesh head, dubious, but I picked the one with the fullest lips (Lin, their so-called 'Asian' head), and spent many hours tweaking it into useability.

I don't think it worked. But at least, doing all that work may have given me a baseline on what to change, to make things look like "me". Ish.

Though I still don't think I look like me in any mesh head.

Then I tried the same head, untweaked, on my normal shape. Oh.

Catwa's "Catya" head is undiluted nightmare fuel.

This is Kathy.

This is Kimberly. I had high hopes for Kimberly.

This is Lilo. She looks like she's in mid-sneeze.

And this is Lona, their newest release. It's like the attack of the fish-lipped women.

All right, so...wearing the LightStar modified shape for me won't work for Catwa. Maybe that was irrational of me, to think it would, but however it goes, it doesn't work.

So later, I pore over the face changes, setting by setting, and see if I can get past the fish lips and into a mesh head, yeah?


(continued in part two)

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