Tuesday, May 16, 2017

heard a bump, and somebody screamed

[13:20] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: if any of you have ozimals bunnies in your inventory, get to the store now and get the free timepiece and convert it if you want to keep it. ozimals is no more because of a court order
This is addressed further in the notecard post.

[13:21] Dxxxxx Fxxxxxxx: :0
[13:21] Rxxxxx Sxxxxxxxxx: :O
[13:21] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: pufflings too
[13:21] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: i dont know exactly who the beef was with but they sent a notecard sayng they have a cease and desist order they cant fight
[13:22] Rxxxxx Sxxxxxxxxx: wow
[13:22] Rxxxxx Sxxxxxxxxx: theyve been here forever seems like
[13:22] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: 7 years
[13:24] Zxxxx Hxxx: Amaretto i believe had the case against them
[13:25] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: they have been fightng with amaretto for years yes, but at one point they won against them
[13:26] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: im not sure if its them or someone else
[13:26] Zxxxxx Hxxx: I could be wrong but remember hearing of something between them a while back
[13:26] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: the notecard names the people but rl names
[13:26] axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: name and shame i say
[13:27] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: "At 8:00 am on Monday, May 15, 2017, I received a Cease and Desist letter from legal counsel representing [Exxxxx Dxxxxxxxxxx] and Akimeta Ltd. This letter demands that I cease all use of Ozimals intellectual property."
[13:27] Kxx Hxxxxxxxx: Lm to Ozimals, please [Pxxxxx]
[13:27] Rxxxxx Sxxxxxxxxx: did they sound like dutch names?
[13:27] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: Magic of Oz
[13:29] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: they do, dont they?
[13:29] Rxxxxx Sxxxxxxxxx: wonder if its sion chickens
[13:33] Axxxxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: hiya evyerone
[13:33] Axxxxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: posting breedables is not allowed in group chat
[13:33] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: hi [Axxxx]
[13:33] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: if its sion, i'd expect all the breedables to vanish.
[13:34] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: sorry [Axxxx]. this isnt exactly posting breedables. its announcing the death of one
[13:34] Axxxxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: oh I see
[13:34] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Eh what happened? I just logged on
[13:34] Zxxxxx Hxxx: Feel like posting the lm was more of the issue
[13:34] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: although i DID post the link to the store for the timepieces to save your favorites
[13:34] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: mea culpa
[13:35] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Which ones?
[13:35] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: [Jxxxxxxx], Ozimals got a cease and desist order from the court, theyre shutting down
[13:35] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: but there is a box full of copyable treats, grow potion, time pieces etc in the store
[13:35] Dxxxxx Fxxxxxxx: wonder if it would work on the babies
[13:35] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: it will
[13:35] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: you can also make any of them big or tiny
[13:36] Kxx Hxxxxxxxx: So how does this timepiece work [Pxxxxx]?
[13:36] axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i found there address :P shall i get the heavys in? lol
[13:36] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Ah. Only ones I marginally care about are Kittycats xD I am curious about this legal issue though
[13:36] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: ill send you the notecard i got
[13:37] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: if its someone like sion chickens behind it, they can shut down all the breedables if they shut down ozimals
[13:38] Rxxxxx Sxxxxxxxxx: yeah and thats bad ...
[13:39] Rxxxxx Sxxxxxxxxx: reason i wondered if its them is because i thought back to the oldest breeder, and something rings a bell but i cant remember..
[13:39] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: i think they were. or maybe turtles before them?
[13:40] Rxxxxx Sxxxxxxxxx: turtles came after
[13:42] kxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: so the idea is that someone says breedables are their own copyright idea and no one else should be able to do it, [Pxxxxx]?
[13:43] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: well, someone says ozimals was their own at any rate
[13:43] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: i don't know if other breedables are effected,I was just speculating there
[13:44] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: im just going to take and convert all my special ones so i can keep them. i have. LOTS
[13:44] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I think someone would have a really difficult idea arguing that in court against a business with some actual backing, such as Kittycats or that other large one I can't recall the name of
[13:45] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: you think ozimals didnt have backing? lol
[13:45] axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i found a post about akimeta saying about ozimals but that was back in 2009
[13:45] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: they were the first really big one. amaretto came next and they fought in court for a couple years
[13:45] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: theyve been here 7 years, id been breeding them since the first week
[13:46] Kxx Hxxxxxxxx: How does this time peice work, [Pxxxxx]. No instructions came with it
[13:46] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: They're not the most widespread though. The other one is that horses group. Regardless it's still an interesting issue. *goes off to google the briefs*
[13:46] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: first, make sure the bunny isnt hibernating. the sun in the folder will fix that. then just rez it beside the bunny you want and youll get a popup
[13:47] Kxx Hxxxxxxxx: They are all in hibernation lol
[13:47] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: mine too! first rez a sun beside each one
[13:47] Kxx Hxxxxxxxx: Ok
[13:48] kxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hmmm, I just saw a new store go up with tons of breedables, not kittycats at good prices today, lol
[13:48] kxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: maybe will not be such good prices later, then, huh
[13:49] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: if you see a 'collectable' bunny someplace, id buy it
[13:49] kxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: maybe plenty of "bargains" people hedging their bets then
[13:49] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: if i were you
[13:50] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: a mutant or an elite
So...that seems to be that.

Now, it's well known I have issues with the very concept of breedables, but they've gotten much better in both script usage and prim counts over the years. It's still a case where I land on a sim that has a significant amount of breedables rezzed out, or even shelves full of the boxes of breedable animals to buy, that I experience pretty significant lag. That's a common issue, not just something I experience.

But this goes a bit deeper for me. I first met Malkavyn when he had a tiny shop for eyes, eyes I instantly fell in love with. He and I talked a bit over the next few months, when I stopped by his store, and when he bought his own sim, Magic of Oz, he told me and others about it. I thought it was an amazing venture, but admittedly, he had a bit of a problem funding it.

Then, a few years after sim launch, he and his partner invented Ozimals. And they were massively popular. The problems of owning a sim disappeared, so much so that they bought another sim just for the Ozimals line.

With Ozimals now shut down, what's going to happen to Magic of Oz?

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