Saturday, June 15, 2013

never tasted as sweet a poison as you have

(from the mesh album; Meshworx' amazing grand chandelier)

Seen at Warm Animations, this truly stunning chandelier. It's from Meshworx, and the entire thing is only forty-five prims (impact; physical prims, five). Impressive and finely detailed.

Beyond the many things most gamers find wrong with Ms. Sarkeesian, why does it always come back to her Kickstarter funding? I understand that objection least of all.

Talk about your train wreck tracks...

And I don't know if I'm the only one who follows happenings in the Slenderverse--I know I'm the only one among my friends, so I tend to assume that no one else does, either. How'ver, artist Expression on deviantArt has come up with a set of mini-comics laying out the major features of the various vlogs.
She's also releasing some of her art in wearable form, so here's the Spreadshirt link for the CreepyPasta shirt, the Come to the Woods shirt, and the Fetch shirt.

If anyone's desperately in need of Shakespearean insults, this is apparently where you want to go.

Meanwhile, China's having odd foam-related problems; me, I'm wondering what they're using on the roads to create foam that swells up and covers city streets.

Interested in cultivating a bonsai tree? Try virtually first. That actually seems like a good way to test out the hobby, without all the expense.

"Worming" is apparently the new Japanese craze, and I just don't get it. I've had my eyeballs licked, and it does nothing for me. (Though, to be fair, it has never happened intentionally. Still, even intentionally, I don't think it would be my thing.)

Aaron Goodwin explains Big Steppin', Ninjavitis reviews the Agent Coulson action figure from Hot Toys, and if you watch television, here's the grand master, everything-included, list of shows that were canceled and then renewed.

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