Sunday, June 16, 2013

you fight and you fuse, oh, you're a wild little bruise

Honestly, I think I just need to make a 'linkspam' category, and have done with it.

But here goes another round of wandering the net.

Photographer Jon Crispin has been taking photographs in a storage room of a former insane asylum. Why? Because in that storage room were discovered suitcases--four hundred in all. The room was discovered in 1995, and it's taken this long for Crispin to gain access to the room and its contents.

Can computer memory get faster and more stable? Two scientists--corresponding between Berkeley and Singapore--think so. And it's based on the science behind solar panels, and bismuth ferrite. Nanoferric technology seems to be finally coming into its own.

So, there's been this huge controversy brewing inside the SFWA Bulletin. I'm linking Seanan McGuire's commentary first, because she outlines the controversy very well, but I'd also recommend (as she did), reading some of Jim Hines' collected posts--none of which are anonymous, which is the main point Malzberg and Resnick seem to be fixated upon.

There's tons of really good commentary abounding--these are all authors or scriptwriters, keep in mind--but if you want another really good, really basic overview of the situation, writer Ursula Vernon tries to define the current controversy and decides if it's akin to an abusive relationship, or trying to housebreak a puppy.

(Also, see what I did there, Malzberg and Resnick? "Author" Ursula Vernon. Not "lady author" Ursula Vernon. See how easy that was?)

Also, if you scroll down to the bottom of this edition of Radish Reviews' 'Linkspam' post (one of many reasons I should just give up and adopt the term), you'll find actual pictured and scanned copies of the direct print-out to what Malzberg and Resnick said. Which is an interesting technique for later "but that's not what I said!" bleating.

Also, while this is really, really, really long, I recommend it for reading, and possibly bookmarking to read again later. It's the best essay on why real women hate fictional women, and why that leads to hating other real women, that I've ever read.

Not that anyone particularly needs it after that, but just in case you wandered off and read everything and did get mad--which is perfectly justifiable--here's a short list of calming websites. You're welcome.

I really dislike the writers (of more than this article) calling the stone carvings on the Washington National Cathedral "gargoyles". Put plainly, most of them are grotesques. What's the difference? Gargoyles are carved to carry water from the roof. Grotesques are just sculptures on the edges. But the fact that more and more stonecarvers are electing to carve representations of modern life--that, I think is pretty neat. And it will be just as baffling four hundred years from now, when those carvings likely need renovation.

Always puzzle your descendants. It keeps them on their toes.

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