Thursday, June 6, 2013

the filthy streets and the calloused feet and bloodshot Irish eyes

[21:47] MystiTool HUD 2.0.2: Entering chat range: Daenerysss (16m)

But of course you are. Because "Daenerys" and "Daeneryss" were already taken. *facepalms*

[21:37] Jxxxxxxx Mxxxx: EM's needed in [sim name redacted] for Griefing ...Avatars are coming and going who are wearing griefing items. Please and Thank you.
[21:38] Mxxx Mxxxxxxx: I'm here, who are they
[21:39] Jxxxxxxx Mxxxx: [redacted]
[21:39] Mxxx Mxxxxxxx: not showing on radar
[21:40] Emilly Orr: Wearing griefing items? That's new.
[21:41] Gxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx: it's the new fad to say they never rezzed anything someone could get a name to AR

So, this is something I hadn't heard about before. Confirmed with an EM from another estate, btw--this seems to be the new thing. Not only because they can claim they didn't rez anything out on the sim, but because this makes even sims that disallow rezzing things vulnerable. While most rez-on-movement attachments (things like flower bursts, Mystitool rezzers, or pawprints for the most part) will be defeated in no-rez sims, something about these specific attachments allow them to spew everything from particles to actual prims at random. I'm hoping whatever makes these work is tracked down in the code soon, and fixed.

In the meantime, a friend passed along a tip on a new L$1 outfit at LC's World of Fashion:

(from the fashion album; this outfit is named "Mooz". Yes, really.) Come on now. That is not an outfit. That is rolling out of bed the morning after in the same clothes and being too hungover to change. Seriously? I mean, at this point, why bother wearing jeans?!

But wait, there's more. This is the "Sissy" outfit on the sale wall:

(from the fashion album; this one's called "Sissy", and nope, that's not a fabric tear, that's a deliberate modification.)

This one's going for L$55, and near as I can tell (from staring at it), the waistband was made to wear that way. This is not a case of jeans slipping off one's frame, oh no--this is a pair of jeans that are sitting (somewhat) comfortably around the lower hips, which then...for inexplicable reasons known only to the designer...are cut and hemmed to allow that triangular section of hip and belly to be revealed.

Why would you want these, again?

I think the same shop, but in a different location, is also offering a freebie "mini dress":

(from the fashion album, and the cocktail-length half-dress is revealed.) not understand. From the notecard sent to me: "If you're on your way to a ball, candle-light-dinner or a romantic evening, you will find your perfect fitting dress." Uh...lady, I think your idea of "perfect fitting" and my idea of perfect-fitting are radically different ideas.

At any rate, these are all L$1 outfits, or free, and there's a lot of other under-L$99 sale offers in both stores, so...yay? If you like clothes designed to fall off your hips, at least.

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