Monday, June 3, 2013

baptised in the water, you're draining the well

First Nathan Fillion stole Zelda, then he stole Wil Wheaton's wife, Ann, then this happened, and the whole thing ended here.

It's not the first time Wheaton's been a meme, but it's the first one that dragged in guest appearances.

Twilight's been named the worst movie ever, which I think is slightly over the top--I mean, it's bad, don't get me wrong, but there are worse films out there. Like these, for instance. Or these. Or these. Or this list, which contains some even I haven't heard of.

I guess the main point is there's a lot of bad movies out there. Good for Rifftrax; bad for us.

CBS finally gets back to the Star Trek fan community in SL; their response is oddly reasonable. They have no objection to folks making items for their own, personal use; they simply object to those items (created with copyrighted material from Star Trek, by means of logos, insignia, uniforms, and prop items) for sale commercially. While that's a blow to the community--there are folks who make their living on mining IP for tasty financial gain--it's not as large a blow as everyone seemed to expect.

Love Portal? Have the freedom to paint your walls? How about a Portal-themed bedroom? At the very least, that provides a great leap-off point for decorating projects of your own.

[20:05] Axx Sxxxxxx: all the lindens in this chat be big fat faggits.
[20:05] Axx Sxxxxxx: i dont care.
[20:06] Sxxxxx Sxxxxx wonders wtf brought that outburst of rude on
[20:06] Axx Sxxxxxx: wonders wtf is has too do with you
[20:06] Axx Sxxxxxx: fagmatron

I do believe that's one of the strangest insults I've ever heard. What, exactly, is a "fagmatron"? The Urban Dictionary definition doesn't exactly help:
Being a real fag (no homo)
Uh...I don't get it. How can you simultaneously call someone gay but say you're not calling them gay? I don't understand.

Though oddly relevant to that...Viewer controversy? Viewer controversy. And while that's an upsetting turn of events--mainly, because I find it bizarre that Ms. Kirsten would pull something this underhanded--that's not what I want to discuss.

Quoting this bit from the CoolVL forums detailing this event:
I of course tried to contact Kirsten for explanations, but if you visit his BLOG, you will find no email or any way to contact him: I did let a comment on the BLOG entry for S19, but it was never published. I also IMed him in SL (and I know, thanks to a script, that he did connect after I sent him those IMs, so he certainly got them), and again, never got any reply during the past two weeks.
"His"? KirstenLee didn't give the gender away, Henri? But, annoyingly, he didn't stop there. "Tillie" is the first responder to his post:
I am not sure if this is really a post by Kirsten... didn't she announce to no more work on the client? If she came back to work, wouldn't she release some statement like that, not just "this is S19!"? Looks weird, somehow.
Henri responds:
This is his(1) blog, no doubt on that, and the code repository does contain all the other S* releases (that were not Cool VL Viewer clones).

     (1) the person behind the "KistrenLee Cinquetti" avatar is a male.
And my response is...why does this matter?

Seriously, people. Second Life's nearly ten years old. Ten years of gender fluidity, exploration, avatar inspiration, and virtual life. Why is this not simple for people? If they're female in world, they're female. If they're male in world, they're male. If they're neither, keep the pronouns gender-neutral.

If they TELL you otherwise, then you can react otherwise, but seriously--if they don't make a point of it, IN WORLD, then lay the hell off the gender, okay? That's called outing, it's rude, and whether you're the injured party or not, it just makes you sound like a clueless bully.

Notwithstanding the fact that, unless you--the person behind the screen--have an interest in moving in with/sleeping with/partnering with in RL the person behind their's none of your business in the first place. Be more tolerant, for the love of all gods, or if you can't do that, then shut the hell up. You're not helping anyone by making someone's "real" gender known; all you'll end up doing is hurting them, angering them, or depressing them. Nobody wins with tactics that underhanded.

Finally...SL is celebrating ten years of operation, later this month. To...erm...share? In the festivities? They're offering a bear. But not just any bear--this year, they're offering an avatar-sized rabid animal. Ready to tear out throats in a single swipe, it's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's--*gurgle gurgle death*...

Okay, maybe it's not actually scripted to kill people, but...seriously. It just looks hostile.

(from the bizarre album)

Still think I'm kidding? That's just creepy.

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