Monday, June 17, 2013

breakin' our backs on breakin' down stones

So...blogging kills, now?

Also, random wandering about that site turned up Taiwan's Weather Girls (article from 2011), followed by their space-suited update. I am baffled.

Why are LEGO faces getting angrier?

NASA probes manage to catch a full rotation of Mercury; finally, we know what it looks like.

On Venus, it snows metal, and there's now scale mail for guinea pigs. Some point between the two of them explains things, but I'm not sure how.

(from the events album)

Meanwhile, ventured into SL10, starting with Toroidal Human Anatomy. There's a free male and female 'torus' avatar available by buying the lower part of the block prim, but it's a pretty neat exhibit either way.

(from the events album)

Wander over to Frankx Lefavre's Chrysalis exhibit while you're in the vicinity--it's the one with the butterflies right nextdoor. Use the ramp to get up to the middle platform, and pick one of the butterfly-patterned rings to sit on. Depending on where you choose to sit, you'll get a great view of Astound, the sim it's on.

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