Saturday, November 20, 2010

pray for me if you want to; pray for me if you dare

[05:19 PM] Copied key for 025327 Guest to clipboard: a704d3a6-8d55-4eee-993d-e4c446bbf534

To my mind? That means each and every Guest account is generated separately, so yes--this is all--or at least partially--a ploy to inflate end user numbers for *cough* "mysterious" reasons of Linden Labs.

Or mayhap not that mysterious--tell a prospective buyer that there's about three hundred discrete new accounts a year for Second Life, who's going to be interested? Tell them, however, they have about three to five hundred new accounts per week? Why yes, there would be interest in spades.

"This is for you, Mommy."
"Oh, how...sweet, honey. Um...what is it?"
"This is you...and this is me...and this is Daddy...and this is Nyarlathotep devouring Grandma."

Takes kids' art to a whoooole new level.


This is zarael Hadazuma. Please, for the love of all gods, give this woman some clothes. And throw her landmarks for things. I was stunned into non-responsiveness, so I obviously failed my round of NewbieWatch (if I recall correctly, she's three days old as of yesterday). But she already has land, so she's determined to stay for a little while. It's in our best interests to help her.

The Desert Bus for Hope rides again! Every year, the people behind the Escapist (who are responsible for bringing you such wonderful net shows as Unskippable, Zero Punctuation and Escape to the Movies, among others) combine forces with Child's Play to raise funds for the charity.

What is Child's Play? If you don't know, it was established in 2003, and originally, it was a charity that had one specific target: children in hospitals and hospices who weren't going home. Since those desperate beginnings, they have expanded the program to cover any child who wants to play and who may be restricted on movement, energy, time awake; who is ill and under hospital care. Their goal is simple: to put a toy, interactive book, or video game controller, plus games and accessories for those toys, into the hands of any child who is ill who wants one.

As of this writing, they've been at it for ten hours, and have already raised well over fifteen thousand dollars.

You can help. Donate via PayPal or via credit card; access their chat room and make them a pledge challenge; buy something in one of their auctions, or, if nothing else, spread the word. And if you don't have it to spare now, keep Child's Play in mind; they take donations year-round.

To make it more worth your while...somehow...the staffers of the Escapist have pledged to play Desert Bus, the world's most boring videogame (seriously: you are a bus driver. Driving across the desert. To get to Las Vegas. Nothing else happens), from start to finish. Keep them from going mad by watching, chatting, or donating. Trust me, the pain is worth it, and along the way, you will see them geeking out in ways previously unknown to even fellow geeks, trying to retain their sanity and their consciousness.

These are smart, funny people working hard for a good cause. Get on the bus.

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