Tuesday, November 16, 2010

it's not the tree that forsakes the flower

CStar Skins is having a "hunt" (I'm putting that in quotes because it's not exactly hard in any way) to celebrate the arrival of new skins. They're named Purity 01, Fresh 02, Courage 03, Agility 04, Happiness 05, Calm 06, Love 07, Strength 08, Tangent 09, Energy 10, Power 11, and Freedom 12. I didn't want to have a pic run of all of them, but here's five to show you the tone variance:


Purity 01, eyes closed, so you can see the thickly gold-rimmed lids.


Courage, tone 03.


Calm, tone 06.


Strength, tone 08.


Freedom, tone 12.

I guess they're worth getting if you like burgundy lips and gold eyeshadow? The skins are very well done, don't mistake me; but it's the same makeup, the same shading, for each of the twelve; it's just the skin tones that vary.

(The outfit's from Zaara and the hair is from Feel China.)

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