Saturday, November 6, 2010

and I don't remember why I came

white label on the backseat
glows an artificial green
I crave a midnight something
I crave, and something hunts me down

(In Minecraft, pigs are arborial! This also taught me that leaves would support my weight, as well. Now in one of my worlds, I have a treehouse.)

I'm scaring everybody
I'm wearing everybody down

(One night, preparing for a bit of deep exploration in the Catacombs, I heard this odd...thupping sound. Like someone slapping a piece of raw liver against a kitchen counter. I carefully rounded the corner and...saw my first Slime.

(Slimes are unusual in Minecraft in that they don't need patches of shadow to spawn, they just need to be deep enough. Deep enough, Slimes will spawn. And they come in three sizes. This one? Was a regular sized one. When I attacked it, it split into four small sized ones. Imagine what happens when a huge slime shlups along.)

white label on the backseat
and something bends me over, down
I crave an empty lifestyle
I crave the very loudest sound

(And then I decided to build a giant tree. I named it Llyr. It doesn't entirely work, but it is a solid enclosure of wood, and inside, are narrow beams of stone and glass to hold up a glass ceiling up above the leaves.)

I'm chasing everybody
I'm shaking everybody down...
do you hear the loudest sound?
and you and me in the echo?

(I have decided, even though they need a hefty amount of planks to build, I like signs. They're functional and enormously descriptive.)

white label on the backseat
and something warm across my lap
I never bitched at anyone
I never asked for my heart back

(Even in a completely cubist reality, there are still sights which remain impressive. Lava flows are one of them. Deadly, absolutely; but also beautiful.)

I'm loving everybody
and hating everyone I see--

(Did I mention I like signs? This was the first chamber where I dug all the way to the lowest level. The all-black square seen in the picture is my game's version of adminium, the unmineable substance. It cannot be blown up, dug out, or moved in any way; it is the lowest level possible to attain in the game.

(Also, note the glass cube I'm holding on the right side of the larger image; in my game, glass isn't blue and silver, it's black and white. You can alter the game if you want to; the programmer allows it.)

do you still remember me?
floating out on the echo...?

(There are sights in any virtual world that feel, to me, like 'home'. The strength of the response varies; some part of me will always think of Rivula as my home in Second Life, for instance, though Caledon Morgaine comes in a close second.

(But this was the first place I ever build in Minecraft that felt like home to me. And strangest of all, it was the third home I built, and the one least equipped to actually be a home.)

Today marks the day I bought Minecraft. I haven't been playing a hacked copy, precisely; I've been playing the copy downloaded the day the servers crashed, and Notch threw the game free for a couple weeks. I only play it offline and only in single player.

Now? I can choose to play on the public servers if I want. Or still keep playing offline. My choice, my rules, for the most part. And I'm supporting innovation and creativity, and the spirit of play. No bad thing there, even if the Euros-to-dollars conversion rate went up.

(None of that has anything to do with this post, or the song.)

(Lyrics from Kristen Hersh's song Echo.)