Thursday, May 13, 2010

these tears are fragments born of pain, not of weakness or regret

Astute readers may notice there's a post missing.

It's been privately requested that I take the post down; a summary of the events, that soul feels, would be better than chat logs retransmitted. How'ver, another commenter--and I'm not sure, at this hour, if commenter A and private citizen B are the same person behind the screen--has requested I pull the whole thing down because it is their owned content and I am in the wrong reposting it.

I have had too much stress (off the screen, nothing to do with SL) tonight to react to this rationally, save to say three things:

1. The post is gone.

2. Once I've breathed through the stress of tonight, and gotten back on my feet, I will decide if the post goes back up, and if the content within that post changes.

3. By Linden Labs' own Terms of Service, chat logs--while not specifically legally permissible to retransmit on the grid--are perfectly legal to transmit on the web. Period. End of sentence.

Now. That having been said, I do not want to upset people without good reason, and it was a lengthy capture of the chat logs in question. It doesn't necessarily need to be there.

But I'm shelving the entire thing for now, and when it goes back up, I'm the only one who decides what it will contain. Because legally, I can do that.

Okay. Everyone caught up? Good. We can move on.


Alexandra Rucker said...

Pffft. It's YOUR blog FFS, not theirs...

Emilly Orr said...

True. But as you said in reply to an earlier post, now, when emotions are running high, is not the time to make this decision. Tomorrow I'll get up and look over the post and see what I keep and what I don't.

I've been asked to remove references before that tie to specific avatars, and by and large I do honor them.

Rhianon Jameson said...

Miss Rucker said it better than I could.

Hope the stress diminishes.

turnerBroadcasting said...

My vote is to put it all back up on the blog, just edit it to make it tight and keep the best parts.

Sometimes what I feel really works best is to try to capture the idea of something...

In the end, however, your best bet is to care for your audience. Every author has an audience.
It's the level of persistence, and quality you bring that keeps them there.

The only way you can scare me away is if you let up on the lindens and give them a free pass while they are destroying SL. you know me. I'm in-world maybe. What. Once every three months?

But one day when the environment is ready to go I'll be back and we'll party you and I.

So. Anyway. Unsolicited advice, take it or leave it.

True story: the word verification for this comment is something that looks completely like, and rhymes with "MENSCHE"

Have I finally ... arrived?

Footnote: when I finally got around to finishing this comment off my workdesk and pressing 'submit' it changed to 'SMOVION'. Damnit!

Fogwoman said...

Ack! I think I just broke a tooth on the irony.